Wahaca, Islington, 2016.

Wahaca is a UK fast-food chain selling Mexican food, co-founded by Thomasina Miers, with 19 branches, mostly in London.


Miers opened the first branch in the West End of London in August 2007, focused on Mexican street food.[1] In October 2008 a second Wahaca opened at Westfield in London.[2] Two further branches in Canary Wharf and Soho followed in 2011, and Wahaca launched its first mobile street kitchen. In 2012 it opened its Top One Wahaca Southbank Experiment. In September 2015 Wahaca opened its first restaurant in the north west, based in Manchester.[3] In October 2016, Wahaca opened its first restaurant in Scotland, located in central Edinburgh.[4]

Wahaca mobile street kitchen, 2012.

As of November 2016, Wahaca had 25 branches,[5] up from 19 branches in September 2015.

Norovirus outbreak

In November 2016, Wahaca restaurants in London were suspected as the source of a norovirus outbreak leading to 300 people falling ill, with symptoms including projectile vomiting. In response, Wahaca closed nine outlets and apologised to those that had been unwell.[6]


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