WDSF World Formation Latin Championships

The WDSF World Formation Latin Championship is the main annual formation International Latin dancesport championship worldwide.

Summary of championships

Year City Country Date Venue No. of
1998 Gothenburg  Sweden
1999 Vilnius  Lithuania Lithuania Žuvėdra
2000 Wels  Austria 25 November Wels Bosh Halle
2001 Bremerhaven  Germany 24 November Bremerhaven Stadthalle
2002 Vilnius  Lithuania 21 December Vilnius Palace of Concerts and Sports Lithuania Žuvėdra
2003 Essen  Germany 22 November Lithuania Žuvėdra
2004 Minsk  Belarus 27 November Lithuania Žuvėdra
2005 Munich  Germany 3 December Lithuania Žuvėdra
2006 Bremen  Germany 2 December
2007 Bremerhaven  Germany 1 December
2008 Wr. Neustadt  Austria Arena Nova 22[1] Lithuania Žuvėdra
2010 Moscow  Russia Russia Vera Tyumen
2011 Vilnius  Lithuania Siemens Arena Lithuania Žuvėdra
2012 Bremen  Germany Germany Gruen Gold Club
2013 Bremen  Germany Germany Gruen Gold Club
2014 Bremen  Germany Germany Gruen Gold Club
2015 Wr. Neustadt  Austria 12 December Arena Nova 20


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