Modern Würstelstand at the Albertina

A Würstelstand (literally "sausage stand"; plural Würstelstände) is a traditional Austrian street food retail outlet selling hot dogs, sausages, and side dishes.[1] They are a ubiquitous sight in Vienna.[2]


Würstelstände were initially movable stalls created during the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to provide a source of income for disabled veterans. Not until the 1960s were the sales stands allowed to become stationary. Especially in Vienna's inner city, many of them can be found near transit hubs and around subway stations,[3] providing a late evening catering for night owls. In some Austrian cities, mobile Würstelstände hold operating licenses only for nighttime sales.

Today offerings cover sausages like Frankfurter, Bosna and Debrecener, as well as Leberkäse served on a Semmel (bread roll) and seasoned with mustard, pickled cucumbers or onions. Pickled herring (Rollmops or Gabelroller) and Neapolitan wafers are usually available, in recent times hot dogs, pizza slices and Schnitzel sandwiches as well.

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