Vulcan (Fleetway)

Vulcan was a weekly British comic book magazine published by Fleetway and Swiss publisher Gevacur from 1975 to 1976.[1]

Publishing history

Vulcan was a reprint title used by Fleetway to make use of its back-catalogue of superhero and adventure strips printed in Lion and Valiant during the 1960s and early 1970s. Format-wise, it was something of a departure for Fleetway's comics, being the same size as an American comic, and featuring good quality paper. The magazine was printed in Germany.[1]

After a trial run in Scotland from March 1975 with an issue dated 1 March 1975, the comic was launched nationally with an issue date of 27 September 1975. It continued for a further 28 issues (the last dated 3 April 1976) until being cancelled and merged with Valiant. Later in 1976 an annual was published.

Vulcan ran for 29 issues.

Notable stories

The following series were amongst those reprinted in Vulcan: -


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