Volvo B11R

Volvo B11R

Megabus Plaxton Elite i bodied B11R at Manchester Shudehill Interchange in September 2013
Manufacturer Volvo
Production 2011-present
  • Sweden
  • Brazil
  • India
Body and chassis
Class Coach chassis
Platform Volvo BXXR
Floor type Step entrance
Related Volvo B13R
Engine 10.8-litre rear-mounted I-6
Volvo D11C, D11K
Brazil: D11A, D11C
Power output 330-460 bhp
Transmission Volvo I-Shift
Length 10.5-15.0 metres

Volvo B11R is a 10.8-litre engined coach chassis available as both two- and tri-axle from Volvo since 2011. It was introduced as the second of the Volvo BXXR series, replacing the rest of the B12B range in 2011, and later its fellow BXXR platform model, the B13R[1] in 2013.

The B11R is the standard chassis for both the 9700 and 9900 coaches, except the North American 9700 which still use the B13R. It is also available in the Indian market and is sold by Volvo under the 9400 brand with a length of 14.5 metres.

As at October 2014, over 150 had been sold in the United Kingdom and Ireland.[2] Polish operator PolskiBus purchased 20 with Plaxton Elite i bodies,[3][4] while New Zealand operator ManaBus has purchased a fleet of Kiwi Bus Builders bodied B11Rs.[5]

Quad-axle Brazilian

Eme Bus Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1800 DD-bodied B430R 8x2 in Chile

The B11R is also available from the plant in Curitiba, Brazil, but there it is named after the engine output, with the B380R/B430R range for Euro III and B340R/B380R/B420R/B450R[6] for Euro V. Those with an engine output of 330, 370 and 410 bhp have got their names adjusted to what the previous values were for the preceding B12R range that they replaced. Like its predecessor, the B12R, it is also available in a quad-axle[7][8] version for large double-deckers.


D11A,[9] 10 837 cc, in-line 6 cyl. turbodiesel (2011-?) Only available from Brazil.

D11C,[10] 10 837 cc, in-line 6 cyl. turbodiesel (2011-present) Only available from Brazil since 2014.

D11K,[11] 10 837 cc, in-line 6 cyl. turbodiesel (2013-present)


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