Vita Mavrič

Vita Mavrič
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Occupation(s) Chansonnier

Vita Mavrič is a Slovene female chansonnier.


Vita Mavrič started her career at the Ljubljana City Theatre in a 1987 musical, titled "In the Slovene Mountains" (originally in Serbo-Croatian "U slovenačkim gorama").

Based on the poetry of Slovene poets, she recorded a solo concert, "Pesem je ženska" (A Song Is a Woman), and released her first album at the National Slovene Television, that was followed by a 1991 solo concert in Cankar Hall, based on poetry by Janez Menart, Ervin Fritz, Milan Jesih, and others.[1]

In 1994, she founded Café Theatre which she has art-directed ever since. In 2000, she founded "La Vie en Rose", an international chanson festival.

Her 2012 "Mandeljni in rozine" included Jewish klezmer songs, based on translations by Klemen Jelinčič and the re-creation of poems by Milan Dekleva, songs from Rezija and Istria, and songs about the fate of some Romani people. It was premiered at Cankar Hall.



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