Vincenzo Volpe

Vincenzo Volpe
(date unknown)
A Couple Playing Cards (1888)

Vincenzo Volpe (Grottaminarda, Campania December 14, 1855 – Naples, February 9, 1929[1]) was an Italian painter. From 1874 to 1890, he painted mostly genre scenes. From 1891 to 1896, he concentrated on religious art, then returned to genre works and portraits.


His family moved to Naples when he was eight. In 1871, he enrolled at the Accademia di Belle Arti and studied with Domenico Morelli. In 1877 at Naples, he exhibited a painting titled: A peaceful interruption; in 1883 at Milan: Orazione and 'Accordo difficile, He submitted four paintings the same year at Rome, including Canzone allegra, which depicts an old man squatting on a stool, playing guitar and singing to a bed-ridden convalescent girl.

In 1884 at Turin, he exhibited: Nello studio; in 1887 at Venice: Una partita d'onore and Lezione di musica. At the 1891 Exposizione Triennale of the Brera Academy, he exhibited: Una vecchia canzone.[2] He also did restorative work; notably the frescoes at the Sanctuary of Montevergine near Mercogliano.

In 1900, he was invited to the Royal Palace to do a portrait of King Umberto I. Two years later, he became a Professor at the Accademia and held that position until his death. From 1915 to 1925, he served as the Accademia's President. One of his best-known pupils was Giulia Masucci Fava.


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