Vincent Reynouard

Vincent Reynouard (born February 18, 1969 in Boulogne-Billancourt) is a chemical engineer,[1] a math professor,[2] an independent historian and a Holocaust denier who has been jailed in France for his writings about the Second World War. The law in France is called the Gayssot Act.


His revisionist work gained notoriety in connection with the Oradour-sur-Glane Massacre. His work, alone and with others, is sometimes labeled by courts as "contesting crimes against humanity", and sometimes as "disputing crimes against humanity". Mr. Reynouard believes that "we must take up the best of what National Socialism comprised in order finally to surpass it and forge a doctrine that will be able to save our Old Continent."[3]

There is an important distinction in French law which impinges upon Reynouard's case. It is that one may contest the existence of a war crime, but not defend a war crime.[4]

He was released from French prison on April 5, 2011.[5]




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