Vikingligr Veldi

Vikingligr Veldi
Studio album by Enslaved
Released 28 February, 1994
Recorded March-April 1993 at Grieghallen Studio
Genre Viking metal,[1] black metal[1]
Length 50:56
Label Deathlike Silence
Producer Enslaved, Pytten
Enslaved chronology
Hordanes Land
Vikingligr Veldi

Vikingligr Veldi (Icelandic meaning roughly Glorious Viking Square) is the debut studio album by Norwegian metal band Enslaved. It was released in 1994, through Deathlike Silence Productions, the record label run by Euronymous, who was killed before the album's release. The album is dedicated to him.[2]

Despite Enslaved's nationality, the lyrics on this album are mainly in Icelandic, perhaps due to its resemblance to Old Norse. The lyrics of "Heimdallr" are in ancient Norwegian. The distinct cover features the grave-good helm uncovered at the Sutton Hoo site in England, ostensibly belonging to the 7th century bretwalda, Raedwald of East Anglia.

Ivar Bjørnson (born November 27, 1977) was only 15 when Vikingligr Veldi was recorded.

Track listing

All tracks written by Ivar Bjørnson.

1."Lifandi lif undir hamri" ("Living Life Under the Hammer")11:31
2."Vetrarnótt" ("Winternight")10:58
3."Midgards eldar" ("Fires of Midgard")11:16
4."Heimdallr" ("Heimdall")6:15
5."Norvegr" ("Norway")10:56
Total length:50:56

Critical reception

AllMusic wrote, "Vikingligr Veldi [...] proved that [...] Enslaved were ready to carry on the torch of Norwegian black metal beyond the shocking demise of its original ringleader [Euronymous]", calling it "an album that stands the test of time, for the most part, and remains of crucial importance to the black metal genre."[1]




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