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Viettel Group
Group (Tập đoàn)
Industry Mobile network operator
Founded 2004
Headquarters Hanoi, Vietnam
Products Mobile networks, Telecom services
Revenue Increase $11 billion (2015)[1]
Increase $2 billion (2015)[2]
Number of employees
Parent Vietnam Military Telecommunications Group

Viettel (full name in Vietnamese: Tập đoàn Viễn thông Quân đội) is Vietnam's largest mobile network operator. It is a state-owned enterprise wholly owned and operated by the Ministry of Defence.

As of 2014, Viettel had 80,000 employees inside and outside the country,[3] and served 63 million subscribers.[4]


In May 2007 Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. established a joint venture with Viettel Mobile to provide Internet data centre services in Vietnam.

In 2010, Viettel introduced 3G services.[5]

In December 2011, Viettel acquired EVN Telecom and officially finished transferring accounts one year later.[6]

In 2012, Viettel started producing mobile phones, while discontinuing a co-operation with China's Huawei, which had previously produced Viettel phones.[7] That same year, it made a profit from its foreign operations for the first time, mainly based on profits from Cambodia and Laos.[8]

In 2013, VM has begun production of military-grade radio equipment for the PAVN.[9] In 2014, the company announced that they are making UAVs.[10]

In 2014, Viettel announced its plan to invest $1 billion in a 3G network in Tanzania.[11]



Viettel had a market share (estimated based on revenues) of 40.67% in 2012. Its main competitors are Vinaphone (owned by VNPT) with 30% market share and MobiFone with 17.9%. They control almost 90% of the market, with the rest controlled by Vietnamobile with 8%, Gmobile (formerly Beeline) with 3.2% and S-Fone with 0.1%. Viettel reported having 58.9 million customers, while Vinaphone and MobiFone estimated to have 70 million and Gmobile and Vietnamobile 10 million.[6]

Viettel has developed telecommunication services in Laos, Cambodia, Haiti, Mozambique and Peru.


Map showing countries with Viettel Group presence

Viettel Global Investment JSC (Viettel Global) handles all the countries foreign investments.[12] Viettel has successfully developed telecommunication services in three continents, Asia, Africa and the Americas. It made a profit from its foreign operations for the first time in 2012, mainly based on profits from Cambodia and Laos and recorded a $1.2 billion revenue from foreign operations in the year 2014.[8]

The company plans to invest over $2.23 billion within the period of 2015-2017 for foreign expansion purposes. By 2017 the Viettel global market will cover an area of over 350 million potential subscribers. Viettel Global plans to sell 10% of its stake to obtain further capital to facilitate expansion and as of January 2015 had already begun laying infrastructure in Myanmar.[13] The company focuses to expanding in developing countries and has anticipated expansion in Congo (DRC), Bangladesh, Nepal, North Korea, Belarus and Ukraine in the near future.[14]

Operator Country Began Operation Subscribers Notes Reference
Unitel  Laos 26 February 2008 2,500,000 Joint operation between Viettel Global and Lao Asia Telecom [15]
Metfone  Cambodia 19 February 2009 8,000,000 Largest phone operator in Cambodia with 46% market share. [16]
Natcom  Haiti 10 September 2011 1,200,000 Joint venture between Viettel Global (60%) and Haiti(40%). [17]
Movitel  Mozambique 10 January 2012 5,000,000 Leading mobile operator and coverage covers over 80% of the country land area. [18]
Telemor  East Timor 1 July 2013 400,000 Owns over 47% of the market share and began making a profit after 6 months of operation. [19]
Nexttel  Cameroon 12 September 2014 2,000,000 First 3G operator in the country. [20]
Bitel  Peru 16 October 2014 1,700,000 First foreign market where country GDP exceeds Vietnam. [21][22]
Lumitel  Burundi 30 May 2015 1,600,000 Largest operator in Burundi within 1 month of operation. [23]
Halotel  Tanzania 15 October 2015 1,000,000 Placed over 18,000 km of optic fiber cables [24][25]

Subsidiaries and joint-ventures

Vietnam Military Telecommunications Group (Tập đoàn Viễn thông Quân đội), the parent of the Viettel brand, also owns a number of other companies.


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