Victor Margueritte

Victor Margueritte

Portrait of Victor Margueritte in 1918
Born 1 December 1866
Blida (Algeria)
Died 23 March 1942(1942-03-23) (aged 75)
Monestier, Allier
Victor and Paul Margueritte

Victor Margueritte (1 December 1866 – 23 March 1942) and his brother Paul Margueritte (18601918), French novelists, both born in Algeria, were the sons of General Jean Auguste Margueritte (18231870), who after an honorable career in Algeria was mortally wounded in the great cavalry charge at Sedan and died in Belgium on 6 September 1870. An account of his life was published by Paul Margueritte as Mon père (1884; enlarged ed., 1897). The names of the two brothers are generally associated, on account of their collaboration.

Paul Margueritte, who has given a picture of his home in Algiers in Le Jardin du passé (1895), was sent to the Prytanée National Militaire for the sons of officers. In 1880, he became a clerk to the minister of public instruction.

Victor Margueritte wrote several theatrical "charades" and collaborated with his brother Paul on at least one pantomime: La Peur.[1] His novel La Garçonne (1922) was considered so shocking it caused the author to lose his Légion d'honneur.


With Paul Margueritte
  • Le désastre (Metz, 1870)
  • Les tronçons du glaive (La défense nationale, 1870-71)
  • Les braves gens (Épisodes, 1870-71)
  • La Commune (Paris, 1871)


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