Vichy Holocaust collaboration timeline

Led first by Philippe Pétain, the Vichy regime that replaced the French Third Republic in 1940 chose the path of collaboration with the Nazi occupiers. This policy included the Bousquet-Oberg accords of July 1942 that formalized the collaboration of the French police with the German police. This collaboration was manifested in particular by anti-Semitic measures taken by the Vichy government, and by its active participation in the genocide.

The terms Zone libre (Free Zone), Vichy France, Vichy regime, southern zone, French State, and État français are all synonyms and refer to the state in the south of France governed from Vichy during World War II and headed by French World War I hero Marshal Philippe Pétain. The terms Zone occupée (Occupied Zone), Occupied France, and northern zone refer to the northern portion of France governed by the German military administration in Paris, taking orders from Berlin.


Posters affixed on Jewish businesses in the Department of Aisne after October 1940 as part of the Aryanization policy, indicating the appointment of an Aryan commissioner-manager. (Departmental Archives of the Aisne)


Poster distributed in Marseilles in July 1941 announcing the Jewish census.


Antisemitic propaganda poster from 1942 showing "the tendency of Judaism toward world hegemony" (by the Anti-Bolshevik Action Committee)




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