Việt Trì

Việt Trì
Nickname(s): Lâm Thao City
Việt Trì

Location of in Vietnam

Coordinates: 21°18′N 105°26′E / 21.300°N 105.433°E / 21.300; 105.433
Country  Vietnam
Province Phú Thọ
Established city 1962
  Total 111.75 km2 (43.15 sq mi)
Population (2013)
  Total 283,995
  Density 2,541.3/km2 (6,582/sq mi)

Việt Trì is the capital city of Phú Thọ Province in the north-east region of Vietnam. In 2010, the district had a population of 260,288.[1] The district covers an area of 110 square kilometres (42 sq mi).[1] Việt Trì is also the economic centre of the province and contains many industrial firms and service industries.[2]


Geographical position

Maintenance of Hanoi Vietnam 70 kilometres (43 mi) north-west Located in "Nga Ba Crane" on the Red River, where the Red River Alluvial Sports confluence with the Lot river blue. So Vietnamese Trì is also known under the name City of Confluence.

Administrative boundaries

To the east is Lập Thạch District, District Lot River, Vĩnh Tường District (Vĩnh Phúc Province), west of Lâm Thao town or township Hùng Sơn, Tien Kien Commune, Thạch Sơn, Lâm Thao District, Nam Cao Xa borders, Son Vi Commune, Lâm Thao District (along the Phú Thọ) and Ba Vì District, Hanoi, north of Phu Ninh commune, Vĩnh Phúc Province, Phú Ninh District.


11,175.11 hectares.

Administrative divisions

The township contains 13 wards: Bạch Hạc, Thanh Miếu, Thọ Sơn, Tiên Cát, Nông Trang, Vân Cơ, Bến Gót, Gia Cẩm, Tân Dân, Dữu Lâu, Minh Nông, Minh Phương, Vân Phú and 10 communes: Thuỵ Vân, Phượng Lâu, Sông Lô, Trưng Vương, Hy Cương, Chu Hoá, Thanh Đình, Hùng Lô, Kim Đức, Tân Đức.


Việt Trì is one of the first industrial cities of northern Vietnam. The city has great potential for industrial development, agriculture, trade and services. Development of industries including: chemical, paper, apparel, ...On the city focused factories, enterprises, companies with industrial scale production with a large proportion, every year that contribute a large amount of provincial funding and jobs for many workers. A number of factories, companies such as:

And many factories and companies focused in the industrial zone:


University-level colleges-Maintenance in Việt Trì city:

secondary education system of Việt Trì city:

secondary schools

Health care system


Việt Trì prime responsibility as an industrial city, is located down three rivers and the city, became city roots festival in 2015, so in prior years Recent infrastructure investment the city is fairly uniform construction. Many roads are of the renovation, upgrading and new construction to the standards of inner city roads to ensure smooth traffic always. the convenient transportation of goods across the motorways, railways, rivers, etc.

The national route 2 and 32 are important for transportation from Việt Trì city to other cities/provinces in Vietnam

Urban areas are performing

In 2012, Việt Trì city was designated as a class 1 of provincial city in Vietnam city classification criteria.


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Coordinates: 21°18′N 105°26′E / 21.300°N 105.433°E / 21.300; 105.433

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