Veolia Transport Nederland

Veolia Transport Nederland
Industry Public Transport
Founded 1997
Headquarters Breda, Netherlands
Products Bus Transport, Rail Transport, Ferry Service

Veolia Transport Nederland, together with Connexxion, is one of the two operations of Transdev Nederland, the Dutch subsidiary of Transdev. It provides bus, train and ferry services.


The company first appeared in the Netherlands in 1997 when it traded as CGEA. This company had a 70% share in the train company Lovers Rail who operated trains from Amsterdam to IJmuiden and Amsterdam to Lisse for the Keukenhof. It also bought the Dutch bus companies BBA, Limex and Stadsbus Maastricht. It continued to use these brand names for a while. Eventually these names disappeared and became Veolia Transport Nederland.

Veolia Transport Nederland was grouped together with Connexxion under the Transdev Nederland brand in December 2015.

When the Limburg Concession expires on December 11, 2016, Veolia Transport will hand over Haaglanden operations to Connexxion and cease operations under the Veolia name in the Netherlands.


Name Previous operator Next Operator Bus services (key places) Rail services Ferry services
Gelderland/Veluwe BBA Syntus Apeldoorn (main hub), Harderwijk, Amersfoort, Ede, Wageningen, Zwolle
Limburg Hermes, Limex, Stadsbus Maastricht Arriva Maastricht, Heerlen, Roermond, Venlo, Kerkrade Heuvellandlijn (Maastricht - Valkenburg - Heerlen - Kerkrade)
Maaslijn (Nijmegen - Venlo - Roermond)
North Brabant BBA, Hermes Arriva Tilburg, Breda, Bergen op Zoom
South Holland Connexxion Connexxion The Hague, Delft, Zoetermeer
Zeeland Connexxion Connexxion Zeeuws-Vlaanderen Vlissingen - Breskens (Veolia Transport Fast Ferries)

Veolia Transport Nederland had a subsidiary, Veolia Cargo Nederland BV, that operated cargo trains on various routes, it was sold in 2009.

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