Vejrø north of Lolland.

Vejrø is a Danish island north of Lolland. It covers an area of 1.57 square kilometres (0.61 square miles)

The island is private property; for tourists, it offers a marina, an airfield, hotel, restaurant, a little farm shop with organic products of the island and some cottages for rent.

Vejrø welcomes sailors with 85 guest slips. Water and electricity are available on the jetties and guests enjoy luxurious conditions for their stay.

Vejrø marina is lively and welcoming with tables, benches, barbecues and bonfire spots all along the harbourfront – with firewood at no charge. We also offer clean and comfortable shower and lavatory facilities with washing machines and family-friendly bathrooms.

It’s just a short walk from here to Skipperly, where you’ll find a restaurant, bar and farm shop offering organic island produce. At Skipperly we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared with sustainably farmed ingredients from Vejrø.

Close to the harbour is a tennis court, popular pirate play ship, bunny hill and mountain bikes for your recreation.

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Coordinates: 55°02′N 11°22′E / 55.033°N 11.367°E / 55.033; 11.367

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