Publisher[1] Colleen Holland[1]
Categories Vegetarian & Vegan lifestyle
Frequency 6 editions annually (bi-monthly)
Circulation 225,000[2]
Year founded 2000 (newspaper)
2004 (magazine)
Country United States
Based in San Francisco
Language English
ISSN 1544-8495

VegNews is an American magazine that publishes content about and relating to veganism, including news, health information, recipes, global events, vegan products, media, and more. It was founded in 2000 as a newspaper,[1] and transitioned to full-color glossy magazine in 2004. The bi-monthly publication is published in 38 countries and is read by 225,000 people.[3]

VegNews won an award for Best Niche Consumer Lifestyle Magazine in 2013.[4]

VegNews is published in San Francisco, California.[5]

VegNews is owned by Fresh Healthy Media, LLC, a company devoted to promoting the vegan lifestyle which is owned and operated by VegNews’ co-founder and Publisher Colleen Holland.


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