Veerashaiva Veerashaivism is a form of Shaivism sect of Hinduism. It is predominantly found in the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. Veerashaivas are also found in other states: Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat and around the world.

Veerashaivism is enshrined or enhansed in the Shivagams. The complete philosophy of Veerashaivism is explained in Siddhanta Shikhamani.

The terms Veerashaivism and Lingayatism, a Shaivite denomination which also includes wearing Ishtalinga as a significant ritual of observance, have been used synonymosly, both by public and recognized by Governments, though validity of its correctness is the biggest contemporary theological and historical debate related to Lingayatism and Veerashaivism.


It is believed that lord Shiva founded Veerashaiva philosophy some 60,000 years ago by five great pontiffs (Pancharaya).

The Philosophy of Veerashaivism was first taught by Shree Jagadguru Renukacharya to Sage Agasthya in ancient times. It is believed that they sprang from the five great Shiva lingas.

Name of the Jagadguru (Peethas) Place of Origin
Shri Jagadguru Renuka (Rambhapuri) Shree Someshwara Linga
Shri Jagadguru Dharuka (Ujjaini) Shree Siddheshwara Linga
Shri Jagadguru Ekoraama ( Kedar) Shree Ramanath Linga
Shri Jagadguru Panditaradhya ( Shreeshail) Shree Mallikarjuna Linga
Shri Jagadguru Vishwaradhya (Kashi) Shree Vishwanath Linga

Five Face of Lord Shiva

These Panchacharyas represent the five faces of Lord Shiva.

Pancha Ganaadheeshwara

Similarly, five gods are responsible for safeguarding and maintaining life on earth from different directions:

Shree Jagadguru Panchacharya’s Shishya Rushis
Name of the Jagadguru (Peethas) Name of the Sage
Shri Jagadguru Renuka (Rambhapuri) Agasthya
Shri Jagadguru Daruka (Ujjaini) Dadhichi
Shri Jagadguru Ekorama (Kedar) Vyasa
Shri Jagadguru Panditharadhya (Shreeshaila) Sananda
Shri Jagadguru Vishwaradhya (Kashi) Durvasa
Symbolism of Panchapeethas
Panchacharya Flag Colour Symbolism Gift
Shree Jagadguru Renukacharya Green Prosperity Green bangles
Shree Jagadguru Darukacharya Red Sacrifice Kumkum
Shree Jagadguru Ekoramaradhya Blue with black tinge Vastness Karimani / black beads
Shree Jagadguru Panditharadhya White Purity / integrity Mooguthi / nose ring
Shree Jagadguru Vishwaradhya Yellow Perfection Mangallya / gold thali
Panchagothras and Panchasuthras
Name of the Peethas Panchagothras Panchasuthras
Shree Rambhapuri Veera Padwidi
Shree Ujjaini Nandi Vrushti
Shree Kedar Brungi Lambhana
Shree Shreeshaila Vrushabha Muktha Guchcha
Shree Kashi Skanda Pancha Varna
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