Van Rechteren

van Rechteren
Mediatized Noble German House
Country Netherlands
Titles count
Founded 13th century
Founder Fredericus van Hekeren van der Ese
Ethnicity Dutch

The counts van Rechteren (also van Rechteren-Limpurg) belong to the Dutch and German nobility. The German branch von Rechteren-Limpurg-Speckfeld has been mediatised.


The family was already noble from earliest times ("Uradel"). The first documented ancestor is Fredericus van Hekeren van der Ese (mentioned 1295) who was an adviser to Reginald II of Guelders.[1] His grandson Frederik van Heeckeren van der Eze (1320-ca. 1386) was the head of the Heeckerens faction during the War of the Guelderian Succession.[2] Through his marriage with 'Lutgardis van Voorst, whose ancestors owned both the castle Rechteren near Dalfsen as well as the castle Voorst near Zwolle, the surname van Rechteren entered the family. In 1432, Frederik's grandson, Frederik van Hekeren genaamd van Rechteren († 1462) married Cunegonde van Polanen.[3] Their son Otto van Hekeren genaamd van Rechteren († 1478) inherited Castle Rechteren and became the ancestor of the counts of Rechteren. Otto's brother, Zeger van Hekeren genaamd van Voorst, became the ancestor of the present-day barons van Voorst tot Voorst.[4] The van Heeckeren family is related to both families.

In 1705, Joachim Heinrich Adolf van Rechteren was granted by Emperor Joseph I. the Imperial Count. His son, Johann Eberhard Adolf (1714-1754), inherited from his mother, Countess Amalie zu Limpurg-Speckfeld, the county of Limpurg-Speckfeld. In 1806 the branch of Rechteren-Limpurg-Speckfeld was mediatised. The German branch of the Counts Rechteren-Limpurg-Speckfeld died out in 1995. Icho baron von und zu Massenbach adopted the surname of his mother, Luitgard Countess von Rechteren-Limpurg-Speckfeld (1910-1960), and carries on the Rechteren surname in Germany.

Castle Rechteren in Dalfsen became a property of Herman van Voorst, ancestor of the Rechteren family, in 1315. and it is still owned by the family. The family also owns Huize Almelo and the Enghuizen estate.

Coat of arms

Shield: in gold a red cross. The Rechteren coat of arms is depicted in the medieval Gelre Armorial (folio 101v).[5]




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