Vamos Uruguay

Vamos Uruguay (Spanish for Go Uruguay!) is a political sector of the Colorado Party (Uruguay).

It was founded by Pedro Bordaberry in 2007.

In the Uruguayan general election, 2009 Vamos Uruguay got a majority of Colorado votes. Since 2005 it has three Senators: Pedro Bordaberry, Germán Coutinho, and Ope Pasquet; and 14 representatives: Fernando Amado, Alma Mallo, Aníbal Gloodtofsky, Fitzgerald Cantero, Juan Manuel Garino y Juan Ángel Vázquez (Montevideo), Graciela Mattiaude (Canelones), Germán Cardoso (Maldonado), Gustavo Cersósimo (San José), Daniel Bianchi (Colonia), José Amy (Soriano), Martha Montaner (Tacuarembó), Walter Verri (Paysandú), Cecilia Eguiluz (Salto).

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