Valencian cuisine

Oranges, typical fruit from Valencian Community

Valencian cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine as cooked in the Valencian Community, Spain. Its basic ingredients are vegetables, seafood and meat. It is famous worldwide for its rices, such as paella, and its citrus fruits. The cuisine of neighbouring regions have given and received important contributions from Valencian gastronomy, amongst them Balearic cuisine, Catalan cuisine, Aragonese cuisine, Manchego cuisine and Murcian cuisine.

Main dishes

A Valencian Paella
Allioli sauce


Sweets, apéritifs, desserts and drinks

Pumpkin Bunyols (Bunyols de carabassa)
Mistelle glass

Wines and liquors

Valencian wines are also well-regarded, with three Protected Designation of Origin: Alicante, Utiel-Requena and Valencia. In Utiel-Requena, champagne is made under the cava denomination. Meanwhile, muscat (known as "moscatell" also called "mistela") is produced in the Marina Alta (near Denia) under Alicante DO and also in Turís, Cheste, Godelleta and surroundings, under the Valencia DO.

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