V6 (Quickstep)

V6 is a silver level dance pattern of the quickstep International Standard Ballroom dance syllabus. The couple moves diagonally to the center (DC) and then diagonally to the wall (DW), thus sweeping a V-shape on the floor. [1]


The pattern starts with the leader backing DC, e.g., after the first part of the quarter turns: the back lock (SQQS) is performed, followed by the change of the direction on counts SQQ (leader's steps: left foot back (follower steps outside partner), right foot back with a quarter turn to the left, left foot forward facing DW), followed by a slow step outside partner, e.g., into the forward lock (SQQS). Essentially a back lock followed by an outside change.[2]

Step # Timing Foot Position Alignment Footwork
1 Slow LF back Backing DC TH
2 Quick RF back R side leading Backing DC T
3 Quick LF crosses in front of RF Backing DC T
4 Slow RF back Backing DC TH
5 Slow LF back in CBMP Backing DC TH
6 Quick RF back Backing DC T
7 Quick LF to side and slightly fwd Pointing DW TH
8 Slow RF fwd in CBMP, OP Facing DW H
Step # Timing Foot Position Alignment Footwork
1 Slow RF fwd Facing DC HT
2 Quick LF fwd L side leading Facing DC T
3 Quick RF crosses behind LF Facing DC T
4 Slow LF fwd, preparing to step OP Facing DC TH
5 Slow RF fwd in CBMP, OP Facing DC HT
6 Quick LF fwd Facing DC T
7 Quick RF to side and slightly back Backing DW TH
8 Slow LF back in CBMP Backing DW T

Preceding and Following Figures

Possible preceding figures: Anything ending with Man's weight on left foot, backing diagonal centre - such as:

Possible following figures: Anything beginning with Man's step on right foot outside partner, such as:


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