V. Bessel and Co.

V. Bessel and Co. was a musical firm founded in 1869 in St Petersburg by Vasily Vasil’yevich Bessel (1843–1907). His brother N. V. Bessel was a co-owner of the firm.

The firm and a print shop (since 1871) published works by prominent Russian composers, notably Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Anton Rubinstein, Alexander Dargomyzhsky and the members of the New Russian Musical School — Modest Musorgsky, Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov, César Cui, Mily Balakirev, and Alexander Borodin.

The firm issued a weekly magazine “Muzykal’ny listok” [The Musical Leaf] from September 3, 1872 to June 5, 1877, and “Muzykal’noye obozrenie” [The musical revue] (1885–1888).

The firm moved from St Petersburg to Paris after the Russian Revolution 1917.

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