Uważam Rze

Uważam Rze
Editor-in-chief Jan Piński
Categories Newsmagazine
Frequency Weekly
Year founded 2011 (2011)
First issue 7 February 2011
Company Presspublica
Country Poland
Language Polish
Website Uważam Rze
ISSN 2082-8292

Uważam Rze. Inaczej pisane is a Polish weekly news magazine.

History and profile

The weekly appeared on the market on 7 February 2011.[1] Calling itself a conservative-liberal voice in the public debate,[2] the magazine was launched by journalists of Warsaw's Rzeczpospolita daily. With such publicists, as Rafał Ziemkiewicz, Waldemar Łysiak, Bronisław Wildstein and Szewach Weiss, Uważam Rze quickly gained popularity. The name of the magazine is a pun based on the fact that in Polish, Rze is a homophone of the word Polish: Że meaning (English: 'That') and induces a notion that the expression Polish: Uważam Rze, is a wrongly spelled version of Polish: Uważam Że (English: 'I think, that'), only to indicate that the magazine comes from the same editors as the daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita. In February 2011, the first month of its existence,

The magazine is owned by Presspublica.[3] In October 2011 the owner of the paper, Presspublica, was bought by Polish businessman Grzegorz Hajdarowicz.[3]

Since April 2012, Uważam Rze publishes its own monthly, Uważam Rze Historia (Uważam Rze History). First issue of the monthly was published on 12 April 2012, with 60,000 copies. After a few days most copies were sold out, so additional 59,000 copies were printed on 17 April. The first issue of Uważam Rze Historia featured Urząd Bezpieczeństwa - secret police of Communist Poland.[4] In the May 2012 issue, the main topic was Second Polish Republic, in June 2012 - German-Soviet war (Operation Barbarossa), and in July 2012 - Eastern borderlands of Poland. In August 2012, Uważam Rze Historia's main topic was Warsaw Uprising.

In late November 2012, after the owner of Uważam Rze, Grzegorz Hajdarowicz, had fired magazine's first editor Paweł Lisicki,[1] almost all publicists decided to terminate their cooperation with Hajdarowicz. Among those who left the magazine were: Łukasz Adamski, Sławomir Cenckiewicz, Krzysztof Feusette, Cezary Gmyz, Piotr Gociek, Piotr Gontarczyk, Andrzej Horubała, Jerzy Jachowicz, Igor Janke, Jacek Karnowski, Michał Karnowski, Waldemar Łysiak, Marek Magierowski, Robert Mazurek, Maciej Pawlicki, Marek Pyza, Piotr Semka, Wiktor Świetlik, Łukasz Warzecha, Bronisław Wildstein, Piotr Zaremba, Rafał Zawistowski, Rafał Ziemkiewicz, Piotr Zychowicz.[5] In January 2013, Lisiecki started his own weekly Do Rzeczy, with cooperation of a number of former Uważam Rze publicists (Ziemkiewicz, Łysiak, Wildstein, Szewach Weiss), plus Paweł Kukiz. Jan Piński became the editor-in-chief of Uważam Rze in 2013.[1]

Uważam Rze sold 114,133 copies, which made it third most popular Polish weekly, after Roman Catholic magazine Gość Niedzielny, and left-wing Polityka, but before both Newsweek Polska and Wprost.[6] In June 2011, Uważam Rze became the most popular opinion weekly in Poland, with 131 436 copies sold.[7] In August 2011, Uważam Rze remained on top of Polish opinion weeklies, selling 141 600 copies. The only Polish weekly more popular than Uważam Rze is Tygodnik Angora, a press review, which contains articles taken from other magazines.[8]

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