Uruguayan Spanish

Uruguayan Spanish (Spanish: Español uruguayo o castellano uruguayo) is the variety of Spanish spoken in Uruguay and by the Uruguayan diaspora. Uruguayan Spanish is recognized as a variety of Rioplatense Spanish.


Tuteo and voseo

The variety used in Montevideo and the whole southern region exhibits voseo, with the pronoun vos used instead of . In the rest of the country is more commonly used instead of vos. In some areas, is used, but with the conjugation corresponding to vos, as in: tú tenés, instead of tú tienes (tuteo) or vos tenés (voseo).

Tuteo is much more common than voseo in Rocha and in some parts of Maldonado.

The formal pronoun usted is used in very formal contexts, such as when speaking to government authorities.

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