Up, Down, Fragile

Up, Down, Fragile
Directed by Jacques Rivette
Written by Scenario:
Laurence Côte
Marianne Denicourt
Nathalie Richard
Pascal Bonitzer
Christine Laurent
Jacques Rivette

Pascal Bonitzer
Christine Laurent
Starring Marianne Denicourt
Nathalie Richard
Laurence Côte
André Marcon
Bruno Todeschini
Music by François Bréant
Peter Lorne
Stéphane Vilar
Cinematography Christophe Pollock
Edited by Nicole Lubtchansky
Distributed by Pan Européenne Distribution
Release dates
  • 12 April 1995 (1995-04-12)
Running time
169 minutes
Country France
Language French

Up, Down, Fragile (French: Haut bas fragile) is a 1995 French film directed by Jacques Rivette.[1] It was entered into the 19th Moscow International Film Festival.[2]



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