University of Yamanashi

University of Yamanashi
(former Yamanashi University)
山梨大学 (Yamanashi Daigaku)
Latin: University of Yamanashi
Type National
Established 2002
President Shinji Shimada[1]
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students 4921
Undergraduates 3876
Postgraduates 925
Location Kofu and Tamaho, Yamanashi, Japan
Campus Kofu and Tamaho
Colors Wine red
Nickname Nashidai

The University of Yamanashi (山梨大学 Yamanashi Daigaku),[2] abbreviated to Nashidai (梨大)[3]Note, is a university that has campuses in Kofu and Tamaho, Japan. The University of Yamanashi has its origin in “Kitenkan” (徽典館: school for learning five Confucian ethics) which was founded in 1795 as a branch school of “Shoheizaka-School” of Tokugawa Government (later the University of Tokyo) and was developed to the Normal School of Yamanashi after the Meiji Restoration. In 1921 the Normal School of Yamanashi for Junior and in 1924 the Yamanashi High School of Engineering were established. After the World War II these three schools were integrated to the University of Yamanashi according to the new school system of Japan. In 1978 the Yamanashi Medical University was opened which was only a Medical University in Prefecture of Yamanashi. Today’s University of Yamanashi was founded in 2002 by a merger between (former) University of Yamanashi and Yamanashi Medical University. It is formally referred to as the National university corporation, University of Yamanashi. In 2012 the Faculty of Education and Human science and the Faculty of Engineering were reorganized and the Faculty of Life and Environmental Science was newly established.[4] In 2016 the lifelong studies course in the Faculty of Education and Human science was abolished, and the faculty was renamed to the Faculty of Education.[5]

The university has therefore four faculties: the Faculty of Education Human Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Life and Environmental Science. It should not be confused with the similarly named Yamanashi Prefectural University.

The University of Yamanashi is located in Kofu, which is the prefectural capital of Yamanashi and is distant about 120 kilometers west from Tokyo. For the University stands in the Center of the Kofu Basin surrounded by many mountains, many students are often engaged in leisure and sports in holidays.


The project of the Faculty of Engineering "Research and Education of Integrated Water Resources Management for the Asian Monsoon Region" was adopted as the 21st Century COE Program of 2002-2006. It has been followed by the Global COE Program "Evolution of Research and Education of integrated River Basin Management in Asian Region" since 2007.[6]

Notable alumni


^ The text of "「梨大」とは、山梨大学の愛称です。「山大」とかではありませんので注意してください。" translates to English as "The University of Yamanashi is colloquially called 'Nashidai'. Please note that it is not shortened to 'Yamadai' among others."


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