University of Gibraltar

University of Gibraltar
Motto Scientia est Clavis ad Successum
Motto in English
Knowledge is the Key to Success
Type Public university
Established 2015 (2015)
Chairperson Jose Julio Pisharello
Chancellor Lord Luce
Vice-Chancellor Daniella Tilbury
Location Europa Point, Gibraltar

The University of Gibraltar is a public university located in Gibraltar. It uses the UK model of education and is chaired by Jose Julio Pisharello. It offers undergraduate and post-graduate degree programs in Business; Health Studies and Sports Science; Life and Earth Sciences and Gibraltar/ Mediterranean Studies; and Tourism and Hospitality. Established in 2015, the University of Gibraltar is the first degree granting university in the Territory.


The idea for the University of Gibraltar came about after the formation of the new Government of Gibraltar by the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party in 2011.[1] Plans for the University were officially launched in October 2014, with it to be located on Europa Point.[2]

The University of Gibraltar was formally established in July 2015, at a cost of approximately £10 million to build. The University officially opened in September 2015, also hosting the Calpe Conference the same month.[3][4] At its opening, it became the first degree granting university in Gibraltar. In 2015, the University's Vice Chancellor, Professor Daniella Tilbury, represented Gibraltar along with Liesl Mesilio-Torres at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference.[5]


The University of Gibraltar uses the U.K. model of education and offers undergraduate and post-graduate programs in four faculties:[2]

The University's faculties are developed from internationally recognized as well as locally developed courses.[2] It also has classes to qualifications in Gibraltar Tax and Gibraltar Law. It also includes a centre for research and an Institute of Professional Development and Continuing Education.[2] The University also provides classes for English as a foreign or business language.[2]


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