University of Florida Division of Continuing Education

Distance & Continuing Education
Type Public
Established 1919
Director Dr. Brian K. Marchman
Location Gainesville, Florida, USA

The University of Florida Distance & Continuing Education office is located on the East Campus in Gainesville, Florida. The division was founded over 40 years ago, but the University has been offering distance learning courses since 1919. Today, the Distance and Continuing Education (DCE) unit provides proactive support for the Distance Learning mission of the University of Florida by coordinating resources for developing and administering distance learning courses and programs. The primary goal of DCE is to assist academic units in extending the academic access and excellence beyond the traditional boundaries of the main UF campus.


The mission of the Division of Continuing Education is to provide access to higher education opportunities through a variety of non-traditional approaches. Overall, these academic programs cater to non-traditional students with various continuing education programs at the undergraduate, graduate, professional level. Most academic programs and courses are offered online to accommodate the schedules of working students.

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