University alliances in Taiwan

There are five major university alliances in Taiwan, mostly organized in 2002, intentionally modelled after other university systems such as the University of California. The key steps in such integration may include pooling of resources such as libraries and some co-ordinated budgeting.

Current Alliances

Nameabbr.Chinese NameMember Universities
European Union Centre in TaiwanEUTW臺灣歐洲聯盟中心7 comprehensive universities.
Joint Private Medical Universities Admissions SysyemJPMUAS私立醫學校院聯合招考6 school of medicine.
Taiwan Comprehensive University SystemTCUS臺灣綜合大學系統4 research universities in South Central.
U9 LeagueU9優九聯盟 9 private universities in North.
University System of TaipeiUSTP臺北聯合大學系統 4 public universities in North.
University System of TaiwanUST臺灣聯合大學系統4 research universities in North.

Defunct Alliances

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