University Grants Committee (Hong Kong)

For other uses, see University Grants Committee.
University Grants Committee
Formation 1965
Legal status Non-statutory body
Headquarters Hong Kong
Region served
Hong Kong
The Hon. Mrs. Laura M. Cha, SBS, JP

The University Grants Committee (UGC) (Chinese: 大學教育資助委員會) of Hong Kong is an advisory committee responsible for advising the Government of Hong Kong on the development and funding needs of higher education institutions within Hong Kong.

The UGC is responsible for determining the funding of the government subsidised academic degree programmes in the following eight universities:

The Research Grants Council (RGC) is an advisory group on research matters that operates within the organizational structure of the University Grants Committee. Also a non-statutory body, it advises the Government of Hong Kong, through the UGC, on the needs of Hong Kong's higher education institutions regarding academic research and how funding should be distributed for academic research projects. The RGC was established in 1991.

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