UNITRA the Association of Polish consumer electronics manufacturers was established in 1961 and lasted in its original structure until 1989. After the systemic transformation, consumer products under the Unitra brand name reappeared on the market. Electronic equipment manufactured under the common Unitra brand measured up in quality to comparable equipment produced in the entire Western Europe. The Unitra equipment earned a high reputation thanks to the quality and reliability of the manufactured products. Among other things, the Association ran its own R & D department and a common commercial bureau. Due to its long-lasting tradition and user confidence the brand is recognizable to date and is prized for the high quality and durability of its products.

Domain of activity

Unitra was perceived as an innovative enterprise which used technologies that surpassed solutions applied in the West. Diverse entities comprising the producers’ group benefitted from shared experience which created the synergy effect resulting in pioneering solutions and consumer electronics products. Although the brand operated as an association of manufacturers it had its own R & D Department. Unitra’s equipment was also fabricated for the world’s leading manufacturers such as the Japanese company Sanyo. Sanyo SXM-80 column speakers can be named, among others, as the result of this cooperation. In the areas where the brand lacked an adequate technological base, it entered into cooperation with manufacturers from other countries. Radio Cassette Recorder Boombox Unitra-Sankei TCR-101 makes an example of such cooperation with the Japanese enterprise Sankei.

Territorial scope

Products of various manufacturers operating under the common brand name were available in all the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Unitra enjoyed the best reputation in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and the Baltic StatesLithuania, Latvia, Estonia. To date, Unitra is recognizable and appreciated among the inhabitants of the countries where it once was the main supplier of electronic equipment. Many people have in their homes some audio equipment marked with Unitra brand.

Significant dates


In 1961, as a result of a merger of two smaller manufacturers’ associations, one organization named The Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering Industry Association UNITRA was founded. Throughout the whole period of its operation more than 60 different enterprises were members of the Association.

Systemic changes

As a result of the political transformation in 1989, manufacturers’ associations were disbanded. Individual companies became independent and continued their activity with varying degrees of success.


The idea of founding an association of manufacturers reappeared in the 21st century. Currently, the equipment made under the Unitra brand name is fabricated by manufacturers specializing in audio category. As at the time of its splendor, Unitra increases possibilities of extending its assortment by means of modern technologies and cooperation with other business entities.

List of associated manufactures

  • Biazet
  • CEMI (Transistors)
  • Diora (Hi-Fi sets)
  • Dolam
  • Elmasz
  • Elpod
  • Elpol
  • Eltra
  • Elwa
  • Fonica (Turntables, stereo amplifiers)
  • Lamina
  • Unitra-Lubartów
  • Magmor
  • Miflex
  • Polam
  • Polkolor
  • Polfer
  • Profel
  • Radmor
  • Radwar
  • Rawar
  • Unitra-Rzeszów
  • Telekom
  • Telam
  • Telpod
  • Tonsil (Loudspeaker boxes)
  • Toral
  • Unima
  • Unimor
  • Unipro
  • Unitech
  • Unizet
  • Warel
  • WZT (TV sets)
  • Zatra
  • Zapel
  • Zapel
  • Zumet
  • ZRK (Cassette decks, stereo receivers)

Each of these establishments used the name UNITRA, along with a stylized U trademark, before its own name.

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