United States presidential election in Texas, 1872

United States presidential election in Texas, 1872
November 5, 1872

Nominee Thomas A. Hendricks Horace Greeley Ulysses S. Grant
Party Democratic Liberal Republican Republican
Home state Indiana New York Illinois
Running mate Benjamin G. Brown Benjamin G. Brown Henry Wilson
Electoral vote 8 0 0
Popular vote   66,546 47,468
Percentage   57.1% 40.7%

President before election

Ulysses S. Grant

Elected President

Ulysses S. Grant

The 1872 United States presidential election in Texas was held on November 5, 1872. Texas voters chose 8 electors to represent the state in the Electoral College, which chose the President and Vice President.

Texas voted for the Liberal Republican nominee Horace Greeley, who received 57% of the vote. Greeley died before Congress could certify the results, leaving Texas electors (and the electors of five other states) free to vote for whoever they chose. All 8 electors voted for Thomas A. Hendricks.


United States presidential election in Texas, 1872[1]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Democratic Thomas A. Hendricks     8
Liberal Republican Horace Greeley 66,546 57.07% 0
Republican Ulysses S. Grant 47,468 40.71% 0
Straight-Out Democrat Charles O'Conor 2,580 2.21% 0
Total 116,594 100.0% 8


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