United States presidential election in Florida, 1992

United States presidential election in Florida
November 3, 1992

Nominee George H. W. Bush Bill Clinton Ross Perot
Party Republican Democratic Independent
Home state Texas Arkansas Texas
Running mate Dan Quayle Al Gore James Stockdale
Electoral vote 25 0 0
Popular vote 2,173,310 2,072,698 1,053,067
Percentage 40.9% 39.0% 19.8%

County Results

President before election

George H. W. Bush

Elected President

Bill Clinton

Florida held an election for president of the United States on November 3, 1992. The race was extremely close -- so close in fact that some news networks mistakenly reported that Democratic challenger Bill Clinton had won in the state, although incumbent President George H. W. Bush was eventually declared the winner. Bush received 40.89% of the vote to Clinton's 39.00%. The final result in Florida reflected the reluctance of many Southern states to back Clinton, although Clinton was polling well in other parts of the country.

Bush won by about 100,000 votes, marking the first time it had backed the losing candidate since 1960, when it voted for Richard Nixon over John F. Kennedy.[1] Despite Bush's narrow victory, this election marked the start of Florida's transition from a strong GOP-leaning state into a closely divided swing state for future presidential elections; just four years earlier Bush had carried Florida by 22 points, making it his second-best state in the South. Notably, Clinton flipped the heavily populated South Florida counties of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade, which had all voted for Bush in 1988, into the Democratic column, and they have remained reliable Democratic bastions in the state ever since, buoying Democratic base support in the state.


United States presidential election in Florida, 1992[2]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Republican George H. W. Bush 2,173,310 40.89% 25
Democratic Bill Clinton 2,072,698 39.00% 0
Independent Ross Perot 1,053,067 19.28% 0
Libertarian Andre Marrou 15,079 0.28% 0
Write-Ins 238 >0.01% 0
Totals 5,314,392 100.0% 25


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