United States House of Representatives elections, 1948

United States House of Representatives elections, 1948
United States
November 2, 1948[1]

All 435 seats to the United States House of Representatives
218 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Sam Rayburn Joseph Martin Vito Marcantonio
Party Democratic Republican American Labor
Leader's seat Texas-4th Massachusetts-14th New York-18th
Last election 188 seats 246 seats 1 seat
Seats won 263 171 1
Seat change Increase 75 Decrease 75 Steady
Popular vote 24,217,516 20,894,960 409,789
Percentage 52.6% 45.4% 0.9%
Swing Increase 7.6% Decrease 8.1% Increase 0.3%

Speaker before election

Joseph Martin

Elected Speaker

Sam Rayburn

The 1948 United States House of Representatives elections was an election for the United States House of Representatives in 1948 which coincided with President Harry S. Truman's reelection. Truman had campaigned against a 'do-nothing' Republican Party Congress that had opposed his initiatives and was seen as counterproductive. The Democratic Party regained control of both the House and Senate in this election.[2][3][4] For Democrats, this was their largest gain since 1932. This was the last election to date where a member of a political party other than the Democrats or Republicans had one or more seats in the chamber.

Overall results

263 1 171
Democratic AL Republican
Party Total
Change Seat
Democratic Party 263 Increase 75 60.5% 52.6% 24,217,516
Republican Party 171 Decrease 75 39.3% 45.4% 20,894,960
American Labor Party 1 Steady 0.2% 0.9% 409,789
Progressive Party 0 Steady 0.0% 0.8% 362,514
Prohibition Party 0 Steady 0.0% 0.1% 32,648
Independent 0 Steady 0.0% 0.1% 29,419
Liberal Party 0 Steady 0.0% 0.1% 27,394
Socialist Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 20,473
Socialist Workers Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 2,496
Communist Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 775
Socialist Labor Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 48
Others 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 12,593
Totals 435 Steady 100.0% 100.0% 46,010,625
Popular vote
American Labor
House seats
American Labor

[[Image:81 us house membership.png|thumb|450px|

House seats by party holding plurality in state
  80.1-100% Democratic
  80.1-100% Republican
  60.1-80% Democratic
  60.1-80% Republican
  ≤ 60% Democratic
  ≤ 60% Republican


[[Image:81 us house changes.png|thumb|450px|

  6+ Democratic net gain
  3-5 Democratic net gain
  1-2 Democratic net gain
  no net change


Separate elections

Election date District Reason for Vacancy Results Candidates
February 17, 1948 Virginia
Patrick Drewry (D) died December 21, 1947 Democratic hold
Winner was subsequently re-elected in November
Watkins Abbitt (D)
[Data unknown/missing. You can help!]
New York
Benjamin J. Rabin (D) resigned December 31, 1947 to become a justice of the New York Supreme Court American Labor gain
Winner subsequently lost re-election in November
Leo Isacson (American Labor)
[Data unknown/missing. You can help!]
April 17, 1948 Kentucky
Earle Clements (D) resigned January 6, 1948 to become Governor of Kentucky Democratic hold
Winner was subsequently re-elected in November
John Whitaker (D)
[Data unknown/missing. You can help!]
April 24, 1948 Kentucky
John Robsion (R) died February 17, 1948 Republican hold
Winner subsequently retired
William Lewis (R)
[Data unknown/missing. You can help!]
December 4, 1948 Texas
Milton H. West (D) retired but died October 28, 1948, before the Congress ended Democratic hold
Winner had already been elected to the next term in November
Lloyd Bentsen (D) unopposed[5]

November elections


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Alabama 1 Frank W. Boykin Democratic 1935 Re-elected Frank W. Boykin (D) Unopposed
Alabama 2 George M. Grant Democratic 1938 Re-elected George M. Grant (D) Unopposed
Alabama 3 George W. Andrews Democratic 1944 Re-elected George W. Andrews (D) Unopposed
Alabama 4 Sam Hobbs Democratic 1934 Re-elected Sam Hobbs (D) 85.0%
H. Hogan Stewart (R) 15.0%
Alabama 5 Albert Rains Democratic 1944 Re-elected Albert Rains (D) Unopposed
Alabama 6 Pete Jarman Democratic 1936 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Edward deGraffenried (D) 82.3%
William P. Ivey (R) 17.7%
Alabama 7 Carter Manasco Democratic 1941 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Carl Elliott (D) Unopposed
Alabama 8 Robert E. Jones, Jr. Democratic 1947 Re-elected Robert E. Jones, Jr. (D) 88.4%
Harry J. Frahn (R) 11.6%
Alabama 9 Laurie C. Battle Democratic 1946 Re-elected Laurie C. Battle (D) 87.1%
Hiram Dodd (R) 12.9%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Arizona 1 John R. Murdock
Redistricted from At-large
Democratic 1936 Re-elected John R. Murdock (D) 58.4%
John H. Udall (R) 41.0%
A. E. Templin (Proh) 0.7%
Arizona 2 Richard F. Harless
Redistricted from At-large
Democratic 1942 Retired to run for Governor of Arizona
Democratic hold
Harold Patten (D) 62.8%
Albert R. Buehman (R) 35.0%
John P. Foley (Prog) 1.7%
T. C. Abbott (Proh) 0.4%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Arkansas 1 Ezekiel C. Gathings Democratic 1938 Re-elected Ezekiel C. Gathings (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 2 Wilbur Mills Democratic 1938 Re-elected Wilbur Mills (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 3 James William Trimble Democratic 1944 Re-elected James William Trimble (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 4 William Fadjo Cravens Democratic 1939 Retired
Democratic hold
Boyd Anderson Tackett (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 5 Brooks Hays Democratic 1942 Re-elected Brooks Hays (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 6 William F. Norrell Democratic 1938 Re-elected William F. Norrell (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 7 Oren Harris Democratic 1940 Re-elected Oren Harris (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
California 1 Clarence F. Lea Democratic 1916 Retired
Republican gain
Hubert B. Scudder (R) 54.5%
Sterling J. Norgard (D) 45.3%
Roger Kent (W/I) 0.2%
California 2 Clair Engle Democratic 1943 Re-elected Clair Engle (D) Unopposed
California 3 J. Leroy Johnson Republican 1942 Re-elected J. Leroy Johnson (R) 84.4%
James B. Willard (Ind Prog) 15.6%
California 4 Franck R. Havenner Democratic 1944 Re-elected Franck R. Havenner (D) 51.0%
William S. Mailliard (R) 47.7%
Francis J. McTernan, Jr. (Ind Prog) 1.3%
California 5 Richard J. Welch Republican 1926 Re-elected Richard J. Welch (R) Unopposed
California 6 George Paul Miller Democratic 1944 Re-elected George Paul Miller (D) Unopposed
California 7 John J. Allen, Jr. Republican 1946 Re-elected John J. Allen, Jr. (R) 51.4%
Buel G. Gallagher (D) 48.6%
California 8 Jack Z. Anderson Republican 1938 Re-elected Jack Z. Anderson (R) 79.9%
Paul Taylor (Ind Prog) 20.1%
California 9 Bertrand W. Gearhart Republican 1934 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Cecil F. White (D) 51.3%
Bertrand W. Gearhart (R) 46.9%
Josephine F. Daniels (Ind Prog) 1.8%
California 10 Alfred J. Elliott Democratic 1937 Retired
Republican gain
Thomas H. Werdel (R) 71.3%
Sam James Miller (Ind Prog) 28.7%
California 11 Ernest K. Bramblett Republican 1946 Re-elected Ernest K. Bramblett (R) 80.8%
Cole Weston (Ind Prog) 13.5%
George E. Outland (W/I) 5.7%
California 12 Richard Nixon Republican 1946 Re-elected Richard Nixon (R) 87.8%
Una W. Rice (Ind Prog) 12.2%
California 13 Norris Poulson Republican 1946 Re-elected Norris Poulson (R) 52.6%
Ned R. Healy (D) 47.4%
California 14 Helen Gahagan Douglas Democratic 1944 Re-elected Helen Gahagan Douglas (D) 65.3%
W. Wallace Braden (R) 32.5%
Sidney Moore (Ind Prog) 2.1%
California 15 Gordon L. McDonough Republican 1944 Re-elected Gordon L. McDonough (R) 83.0%
Maynard J. Omerberg (Ind Prog) 17.0%
California 16 Donald L. Jackson Republican 1946 Re-elected Donald L. Jackson (R) 57.0%
Ellis E. Patterson (D) 43.0%
California 17 Cecil R. King Democratic 1942 Re-elected Cecil R. King (D) Unopposed
California 18 Willis W. Bradley Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Clyde Doyle (D) 51.1%
Willis W. Bradley (R) 44.9%
Stanley Moffatt (Ind Prog) 4.0%
California 19 Chet Holifield Democratic 1942 Re-elected Chet Holifield (D) 69.7%
Joseph Francis Quigley (R) 27.5%
Jacob Berman (Ind Prog) 1.8%
Myra Tanner Weiss (I) 1.0%
California 20 John Carl Hinshaw Republican 1938 Re-elected John Carl Hinshaw (R) 81.6%
William B. Esterman (Ind Prog) 18.4%
California 21 Harry R. Sheppard Democratic 1936 Re-elected Harry R. Sheppard (D) 55.2%
Lowell E. Lathrop (R) 42.6%
Howard G. Louks (Ind Prog) 2.2%
California 22 John J. Phillips Republican 1942 Re-elected John J. Phillips (R) Unopposed
California 23 Charles K. Fletcher Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Clinton D. McKinnon (D) 55.8%
Charles K. Fletcher (R) 43.2%
Harry C. Steinmetz (Ind Prog) 1.0%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Colorado 1 John Albert Carroll Democratic 1946 Re-elected John Albert Carroll (D) 64.8%
Christopher F. Cusack (R) 35.2%
Colorado 2 William S. Hill Republican 1940 Re-elected William S. Hill (R) 51.9%
George L. Bickel (D) 48.1%
Colorado 3 John Chenoweth Republican 1940 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
John Henry Marsalis (D) 50.7%
John Chenoweth (R) 49.3%
Colorado 4 Robert F. Rockwell Republican 1941 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Wayne N. Aspinall (D) 51.9%
Robert F. Rockwell (R) 48.1%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Connecticut 1 William J. Miller Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Abraham A. Ribicoff (D) 54.7%
William J. Miller (R) 44.2%
Harold Conroy (Peoples) 1.1%
Connecticut 2 Horace Seely-Brown, Jr. Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Chase G. Woodhouse (D) 51.6%
Horace Seely-Brown, Jr. (R) 48.4%
Connecticut 3 Ellsworth B. Foote Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
John A. McGuire (D) 49.7%
Ellsworth B. Foote (R) 49.0%
John Marsalka (Peoples) 1.3%
Connecticut 4 John Davis Lodge Republican 1946 Re-elected John Davis Lodge (R) 55.2%
William Gaston (D) 43.4%
Stanley W. Mayhew (S) 1.5%
Connecticut 5 James T. Patterson Republican 1946 Re-elected James T. Patterson (R) 51.1%
Vincent P. Kiernan (D) 47.4%
Charles E. Didsbury (Peoples) 1.0%
William A. Sherman (S) 0.5%
Connecticut At-large Antoni N. Sadlak Republican 1946 Re-elected Antoni N. Sadlak (R) 49.3%
Fred Trotta (D) 48.8%
Nicholas Tomassetti (Peoples) 1.2%
Ralph M. Waterman (S) 0.7%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Delaware At-large J. Caleb Boggs Republican 1946 Re-elected J. Caleb Boggs (R) 50.6%
J. Carl McGuigan (D) 49.0%
Edward C. Graham (Proh) 0.3%
Le Roy B. Jones (S) 0.07%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Florida 1 J. Hardin Peterson Democratic 1932 Re-elected J. Hardin Peterson (D) Unopposed
Florida 2 Emory H. Price Democratic 1942 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Charles Edward Bennett (D) 91.4%
Camille Geneau (R) 8.6%
Florida 3 Robert L. F. Sikes Democratic 1940 Re-elected Robert L. F. Sikes (D) Unopposed
Florida 4 George Smathers Democratic 1946 Re-elected George Smathers (D) 81.0%
J. L. Wambaugh (R) 19.0%
Florida 5 Joe Hendricks Democratic 1936 Retired
Democratic hold
Albert S. Herlong, Jr. (D) 70.6%
M. J. Moss, Jr. (R) 29.4%
Florida 6 Dwight L. Rogers Democratic 1944 Re-elected Dwight L. Rogers (D) 66.7%
Rolf Kaltenborn (R) 33.3%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Georgia 1 Prince Hulon Preston, Jr. Democratic 1946 Re-elected Prince Hulon Preston, Jr. (D) Unopposed
Georgia 2 Edward E. Cox Democratic 1924 Re-elected Edward E. Cox (D) Unopposed
Georgia 3 Stephen Pace Democratic 1936 Re-elected Stephen Pace (D) Unopposed
Georgia 4 Albert Sidney Camp Democratic 1939 Re-elected Albert Sidney Camp (D) Unopposed
Georgia 5 James C. Davis Democratic 1946 Re-elected James C. Davis (D) Unopposed
Georgia 6 Carl Vinson Democratic 1914 Re-elected Carl Vinson (D) Unopposed
Georgia 7 Henderson Lovelace Lanham Democratic 1946 Re-elected Henderson Lovelace Lanham (D) Unopposed
Georgia 8 William M. Wheeler Democratic 1946 Re-elected William M. Wheeler (D) Unopposed
Georgia 9 John Stephens Wood Democratic 1944 Re-elected John Stephens Wood (D) Unopposed
Georgia 10 Paul Brown Democratic 1933 Re-elected Paul Brown (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Idaho 1 Abe Goff Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Compton I. White (D) 51.8%
Abe Goff (R) 45.7%
Thomas B. Wood (Prog) 2.4%
Richard M. Shaefer (S) 0.1%
Idaho 2 John C. Sanborn Republican 1946 Re-elected John C. Sanborn (R) 50.7%
Asael Lyman (D) 48.5%
C. W. Dill (Prog) 0.8%


Illinois redistricted its at-large seat into an additional geographical district for a total of 26, changing boundaries across the state and moving several seats from downstate into the Chicago suburbs.[6]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Illinois 1 William L. Dawson Democratic 1942 Re-elected William L. Dawson (D) 67.0%
William E. King (R) 29.2%
Earl B. Dickerson (Prog) 3.8%
Illinois 2 Richard B. Vail Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Barratt O'Hara (D) 50.5%
Richard B. Vail (R) 46.9%
Maynard C. Krueger (I) 2.5%
Illinois 3 Fred E. Busbey Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Neil J. Linehan (D) 52.9%
Fred E. Busbey (R) 47.1%
Illinois 4 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
James V. Buckley (D) 52.1%
Leslie E. Salter (R) 47.9%
Illinois 5 Martin Gorski
Redistricted from 4th
Democratic 1942 Re-elected Martin Gorski (D) 72.4%
John L. Waner (R) 27.6%
Illinois 6 Thomas J. O'Brien Democratic 1942 Re-elected Thomas J. O'Brien (D) 68.4%
John M. Coan (R) 28.6%
Sidney L. Ordower (Prog) 3.0%
Illinois 7 Adolph J. Sabath
Redistricted from 5th
Democratic 1906 Re-elected Adolph J. Sabath (D) 73.7%
Francis C. Sperry (R) 26.3%
Illinois 8 Thomas S. Gordon Democratic 1942 Re-elected Thomas S. Gordon (D) 65.1%
Herbert F. Geisler (R) 34.9%
Illinois 9 Robert J. Twyman Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Sidney R. Yates (D) 54.5%
Robert J. Twyman (R) 43.8%
Dorothy Bushnell Cole (Prog) 1.7%
Illinois 10 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
Richard W. Hoffman (R) 58.1%
Marvin J. Peters (D) 41.9%
Illinois 11 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Chester A. Chesney (D) 50.8%
James C. Moreland (R) 49.2%
Illinois 12 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
Edgar A. Jonas (R) 51.3%
Blair L. Varnes (D) 46.1%
Irving G. Steinberg (Prog) 2.6%
Illinois 13 Ralph E. Church
Redistricted from 10th
Republican 1942 Re-elected Ralph E. Church (R) 68.0%
Willard C. Walters (D) 32.0%
Thomas L. Owens
Redistricted from 7th
Republican 1946 Died in office
Republican loss
Illinois 14 Chauncey W. Reed
Redistricted from 11th
Republican 1934 Re-elected Chauncey W. Reed (R) 68.3%
Richard Plum (D) 31.7%
Illinois 15 Noah M. Mason
Redistricted from 12th
Republican 1936 Re-elected Noah M. Mason (R) 56.4%
G. M. Wells (D) 43.6%
Illinois 16 Leo E. Allen
Redistricted from 13th
Republican 1932 Re-elected Leo E. Allen (R) 58.5%
Albert H. Manus, Jr. (D) 41.5%
Illinois 17 Leslie C. Arends Republican 1934 Re-elected Leslie C. Arends (R) 62.8%
Carl Vrooman (D) 37.2%
Illinois 18 Everett Dirksen
Redistricted from 16th
Republican 1932 Retired
Republican hold
Harold H. Velde (R) 52.1%
Dale E. Sutton (D) 47.9%
Illinois 19 Robert B. Chiperfield
Redistricted from 15th
Republican 1938 Re-elected Robert B. Chiperfield (R) 54.0%
Fred J. Brown (D) 46.0%
Illinois 20 Sid Simpson Republican 1942 Re-elected Sid Simpson (R) 53.1%
Henry D. Sullivan (D) 46.9%
Anton J. Johnson
Redistricted from 14th
Republican 1938 Retired
Republican loss
Illinois 21 George Evan Howell Republican 1940 Resigned when appointed judge
Democratic gain
Peter F. Mack, Jr. (D) 53.1%
Joseph L. Moore (R) 46.9%
Illinois 22 Rolla C. McMillen
Redistricted from 19th
Republican 1944 Re-elected Rolla C. McMillen (R) 53.2%
Olive Remington Goldman (D) 46.8%
Illinois 23 Edward H. Jenison
Redistricted from 18th
Republican 1946 Re-elected Edward H. Jenison (R) 51.8%
Wayne R. Cook (D) 48.2%
Roy Clippinger
Redistricted from 24th
Republican 1945 Retired
Republican loss
Illinois 24 Charles W. Vursell
Redistricted from 23rd
Republican 1942 Re-elected Charles W. Vursell (R) 50.6%
John David Upchurch (D) 49.4%
Illinois 25 Melvin Price
Redistricted from 22nd
Democratic 1944 Re-elected Melvin Price (D) 69.5%
Russell H. Classen (R) 30.5%
Illinois 26 C. W. Bishop Republican 1940 Re-elected C. W. Bishop (R) 51.9%
Kent E. Keller (D) 48.1%
William Stratton Republican 1946 District eliminated
Republican loss


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Indiana 1 Ray J. Madden Democratic 1942 Re-elected Ray J. Madden (D) 60.7%
Theodore L. Sendak (R) 38.6%
J. Ralston Miller (Proh) 0.6%
Harvey E. Taylor (S) 0.2%
Indiana 2 Charles A. Halleck Republican 1935 Re-elected Charles A. Halleck (R) 55.2%
Theodore J. Smith (D) 44.0%
F. W. Lough (Proh) 0.8%
Indiana 3 Robert A. Grant Republican 1938 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Thurman C. Crook (D) 51.9%
Robert A. Grant (R) 47.4%
Bristol Oesch (Proh) 0.6%
Indiana 4 George W. Gillie Republican 1938 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Edward H. Kruse (D) 50.8%
George W. Gillie (R) 48.3%
Lewis Black (Proh) 0.9%
Indiana 5 Forest A. Harness Republican 1938 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
John R. Walsh (D) 51.9%
Forest A. Harness (R) 46.8%
Ralph G. Stallsmith (Proh) 1.3%
Indiana 6 Noble J. Johnson Republican 1938 Resigned when appointed to U.S. Court of Customs and Patent Appeals
Republican hold
Cecil M. Harden (R) 49.9%
Jack J. O'Grady (D) 49.5%
Ernie Beck (Proh) 0.6%
Indiana 7 Gerald W. Landis Republican 1938 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
James E. Noland (D) 53.7%
Gerald W. Landis (R) 45.3%
Graydon E. Terbush (Proh) 1.0%
Indiana 8 E. A. Mitchell Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Winfield K. Denton (D) 55.4%
E. A. Mitchell (R) 44.1%
Raymond M. Morris (Proh) 0.6%
Indiana 9 Earl Wilson Republican 1940 Re-elected Earl Wilson (R) 51.6%
Christopher D. Moritz (D) 47.7%
Garnet Jewell (Proh) 0.7%
Indiana 10 Ralph Harvey Republican 1947 Re-elected Ralph Harvey (R) 52.5%
Robert C. Oliver (D) 46.3%
LeRoy Mills (Proh) 1.2%
Indiana 11 Louis Ludlow Democratic 1928 Retired
Democratic hold
Andrew Jacobs (D) 50.6%
George L. Denny (R) 48.4%
Willard B. Benson (Prog) 0.5%
A. W. Wrentmore (Proh) 0.5%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Iowa 1 Thomas E. Martin Republican 1938 Re-elected Thomas E. Martin (R) 53.5%
James D. France (D) 45.9%
Charles E. Dengler (Prog) 0.5%
Graydon R. Figg (S) 0.06%
Iowa 2 Henry O. Talle Republican 1938 Re-elected Henry O. Talle (R) 57.4%
T. W. Mullaney (D) 42.1%
Allen Heald (Prog) 0.5%
Iowa 3 John W. Gwynne Republican 1934 Lost renomination
Republican hold
H. R. Gross (R) 58.3%
Dan J. P. Ryan (D) 41.4%
Paul Kindschi (Proh) 0.3%
Iowa 4 Karl M. Le Compte Republican 1938 Re-elected Karl M. Le Compte (R) 51.5%
Steven V. Carter (D) 48.2%
Benson B. Compton (Proh) 0.3%
Iowa 5 Paul Cunningham Republican 1940 Re-elected Paul Cunningham (R) 50.8%
Vince L. Brower (D) 48.5%
William F. Martin (Prog) 0.4%
Richard DeCamp (Proh) 0.3%
Iowa 6 James I. Dolliver Republican 1944 Re-elected James I. Dolliver (R) 55.8%
James E. Irwin (D) 44.2%
Iowa 7 Ben F. Jensen Republican 1938 Re-elected Ben F. Jensen (R) 56.9%
W. A. Byers (D) 43.1%
Iowa 8 Charles B. Hoeven Republican 1942 Re-elected Charles B. Hoeven (R) 55.2%
L. J. McGivern (D) 44.4%
Simon Tjossem (Prog) 0.3%
Roy V. Bishop (Proh) 0.1%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Kansas 1 Albert M. Cole Republican 1944 Re-elected Albert M. Cole (R) 60.5%
James L. Quinn (D) 39.5%
Kansas 2 Errett P. Scrivner Republican 1943 Re-elected Errett P. Scrivner (R) 51.9%
Philip A. Dergance (D) 48.1%
Kansas 3 Herbert Alton Meyer Republican 1946 Re-elected Herbert Alton Meyer (R) 55.0%
Marcus C. Black (D) 45.0%
Kansas 4 Edward Herbert Rees Republican 1936 Re-elected Edward Herbert Rees (R) 55.6%
William J. Kropp (D) 44.4%
Kansas 5 Clifford R. Hope Republican 1926 Re-elected Clifford R. Hope (R) 65.0%
Henry D. Parkinson (D) 35.0%
Kansas 6 Wint Smith Republican 1946 Re-elected Wint Smith (R) 57.6%
Leslie E. Davis (D) 42.4%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Kentucky 1 Noble Jones Gregory Democratic 1936 Re-elected Noble Jones Gregory (D) Unopposed
Kentucky 2 John A. Whitaker Democratic April 17, 1948
Re-elected John A. Whitaker (D) 63.4%
Mallam Lake (R) 36.6%
Kentucky 3 Thruston Ballard Morton Republican 1946 Re-elected Thruston Ballard Morton (R) 53.0%
Ralph H. Logan (D) 46.3%
Alfred M. Carroll (Prog) 0.5%
Robert Jack Garrison (Proh) 0.2%
Kentucky 4 Frank Chelf Democratic 1944 Re-elected Frank Chelf (D) 59.4%
Stanley Jaggers (R) 40.6%
Kentucky 5 Brent Spence Democratic 1930 Re-elected Brent Spence (D) 66.2%
George T. Smith (R) 33.8%
Kentucky 6 Virgil Chapman Democratic 1930 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic hold
Thomas R. Underwood (D) 60.7%
John N. Menefee (R) 39.3%
Kentucky 7 W. Howes Meade Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Carl D. Perkins (D) 60.5%
W. Howes Meade (R) 39.5%
Kentucky 8 Joe B. Bates Democratic 1930 Re-elected Joe B. Bates (D) 58.6%
Hubert Counts (R) 38.2%
Evelyn Jarvis (W/I) 3.2%
W. E. Garrison (W/I) 0.001%
Kentucky 9 William Lewis Republican April 24, 1948
Republican hold
James S. Golden (R) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Louisiana 1 F. Edward Hebert Democratic 1940 Re-elected F. Edward Hebert (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 2 Hale Boggs Democratic 1946 Re-elected Hale Boggs (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 3 James R. Domengeaux Democratic 1940 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic hold
Edwin E. Willis (D) 66.6%
J. Paulin Duhe (R) 33.4%
Louisiana 4 Overton Brooks Democratic 1936 Re-elected Overton Brooks (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 5 Otto Passman Democratic 1946 Re-elected Otto Passman (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 6 James H. Morrison Democratic 1942 Re-elected James H. Morrison (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 7 Henry D. Larcade, Jr. Democratic 1942 Re-elected Henry D. Larcade, Jr. (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 8 A. Leonard Allen Democratic 1936 Re-elected A. Leonard Allen (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Maine 1 Robert Hale Republican 1942 Re-elected Robert Hale (R) 62.5%
James A. McVicar (D) 37.5%
Maine 2 Margaret Chase Smith Republican 1940 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Republican hold
Charles P. Nelson (R) 67.2%
Benjamin J. Arena (D) 32.8%
Maine 3 Frank Fellows Republican 1940 Re-elected Frank Fellows (R) 70.9%
F. Davis Clark (D) 29.1%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Maryland 1 Edward T. Miller Republican 1946 Re-elected Edward T. Miller (R) 52.4%
S. Scott Beck, Jr. (D) 47.6%
Maryland 2 Hugh Meade Democratic 1946 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
William P. Bolton (D) 55.2%
A. Earl Shipley (R) 42.5%
Michael J. Clifford (Prog) 2.3%
Maryland 3 Edward Garmatz Democratic 1947 Re-elected Edward Garmatz (D) 68.8%
John A. Janetzke, Jr. (R) 28.1%
Philip C. Kulinski (Prog) 3.1%
Maryland 4 George Hyde Fallon Democratic 1944 Re-elected George Hyde Fallon (D) 58.2%
James W. Miller (R) 31.9%
John E. T. Camper (Prog) 9.9%
Maryland 5 Lansdale Sasscer Democratic 1939 Re-elected Lansdale Sasscer (D) 59.7%
C. Maurice Weidemeyer (R) 40.3%
Maryland 6 James Glenn Beall Republican 1942 Re-elected James Glenn Beall (R) 55.3%
F. Byrne Austin (D) 44.7%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Massachusetts 1 John W. Heselton Republican 1944 Re-elected John W. Heselton (R) 57.2%
Patrick J. O'Malley (D) 42.8%
Massachusetts 2 Charles R. Clason Republican 1936 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Foster Furcolo (D) 54.9%
Charles R. Clason (R) 45.1%
Massachusetts 3 Philip Philbin Democratic 1942 Re-elected Philip Philbin (D) 73.9%
Carroll H. Balcom (R) 26.1%
Massachusetts 4 Harold Donohue Democratic 1946 Re-elected Harold Donohue (D) 59.2%
John J. Maginnis (R) 40.8%
Massachusetts 5 Edith Nourse Rogers Republican 1925 Re-elected Edith Nourse Rogers (R) Unopposed
Massachusetts 6 George J. Bates Republican 1936 Re-elected George J. Bates (R) Unopposed
Massachusetts 7 Thomas J. Lane Democratic 1941 Re-elected Thomas J. Lane (D) 79.2%
A. Prescott Barker (R) 20.8%
Massachusetts 8 Angier Goodwin Republican 1942 Re-elected Angier Goodwin (R) 51.1%
Anthony M. Roche (D) 48.9%
Massachusetts 9 Donald W. Nicholson Republican 1947 Re-elected Donald W. Nicholson (R) 56.7%
Jacinto F. Diniz (D) 43.3%
Massachusetts 10 Christian Herter Republican 1942 Re-elected Christian Herter (R) 69.5%
Walter A. O'Brien, Jr. (D) 30.5%
Massachusetts 11 John F. Kennedy Democratic 1946 Re-elected John F. Kennedy (D) Unopposed
Massachusetts 12 John William McCormack Democratic 1928 Re-elected John William McCormack (D) Unopposed
Massachusetts 13 Richard B. Wigglesworth Republican 1928 Re-elected Richard B. Wigglesworth (R) 56.6%
David J. Concannon (D) 43.4%
Massachusetts 14 Joseph William Martin, Jr. Republican 1924 Re-elected Joseph William Martin, Jr. (R) 61.4%
Joseph M. Mendonca (D) 38.6%


A billboard for challenger Gerald R. Ford Jr., seeking voter support over incumbent U.S. Representative Bartel J. Jonkman in the September 14, 1948 Michigan Republican primary. Ford won the primary and the general elections.
District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Michigan 1 George G. Sadowski Democratic 1942 Re-elected George G. Sadowski (D) 83.4%
Rudolph G. Tenerowicz (R) 16.0%
Norman Frazier (Proh) 0.3%
Anthony Wojsowski (S) 0.2%
Michigan 2 Earl C. Michener Republican 1934 Re-elected Earl C. Michener (R) 55.8%
Preston W. Slossen (D) 43.0%
Glenn Winters (Proh) 0.7%
J. M. Geist (Prog) 0.4%
W. L. Miller (S) 0.07%
Michigan 3 Paul W. Shafer Republican 1936 Re-elected Paul W. Shafer (R) 59.4%
Leeman J. McCarty (D) 38.7%
George L. Granger (Proh) 1.7%
Nahum Burnett (S) 0.1%
Michigan 4 Clare E. Hoffman Republican 1934 Re-elected Clare E. Hoffman (R) 64.9%
Tom Surprise (D) 33.4%
Ralph C. March (Proh) 1.1%
Walter Mahnke (Prog) 0.5%
Frank Hayden (S) 0.1%
Michigan 5 Bartel J. Jonkman Republican 1940 Lost renomination
Republican hold
Gerald Ford (R) 60.5%
Fred J. Barr, Jr. (D) 38.3%
William H. Bartlette (Proh) 0.7%
Theodore Theodore (Prog) 0.4%
Eugene Ten Brink, Sr. (S) 0.08%
Michigan 6 William W. Blackney Republican 1938 Re-elected William W. Blackney (R) 49.8%
George D. Stevens (D) 49.3%
Howard Winters (Proh) 0.9%
Seth Whitmore (S) 0.10%
Michigan 7 Jesse P. Wolcott Republican 1930 Re-elected Jesse P. Wolcott (R) 59.0%
Harvey C. Whetzel (D) 40.3%
Clarence Dykehouse (Proh) 0.7%
Meta Riseman (S) 0.07%
Michigan 8 Fred L. Crawford Republican 1934 Re-elected Fred L. Crawford (R) 61.3%
Louis C. Schwinger (D) 37.1%
Rolland M. Severance (Proh) 1.3%
Arthur J. Parent (Prog) 0.2%
Roy K. Nutson (S) 0.07%
Michigan 9 Albert J. Engel Republican 1934 Re-elected Albert J. Engel (R) 58.5%
John George Hosko (D) 40.4%
William Meadows (Proh) 1.0%
Alfred King (S) 0.06%
Michigan 10 Roy O. Woodruff Republican 1920 Re-elected Roy O. Woodruff (R) 63.3%
Edward J. Daugherty (D) 35.7%
Harold E. Rice (Proh) 1.0%
Thomas Vernon (S) 0.06%
Michigan 11 Charles E. Potter Republican 1947 Re-elected Charles E. Potter (R) 63.6%
Violet LaVergne Patterson (D) 35.6%
Charles J. Swanson (Proh) 0.8%
Woodrow Ingram (S) 0.04%
Michigan 12 John B. Bennett Republican 1946 Re-elected John B. Bennett (R) 56.6%
Gene A. Saari (D) 42.8%
Olga Anderson (Proh) 0.6%
Arthur Juntunen (S) 0.05%
Michigan 13 Howard A. Coffin Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
George D. O'Brien (D) 62.5%
Howard A. Coffin (R) 37.1%
H. C. Doane (Proh) 0.2%
John Panzer (S) 0.2%
Michigan 14 Harold F. Youngblood Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Louis C. Rabaut (D) 56.9%
Harold F. Youngblood (R) 42.7%
A. L. Leach (Proh) 0.2%
A. H. Suppus (S) 0.1%
Michigan 15 John D. Dingell, Sr. Democratic 1932 Re-elected John D. Dingell, Sr. (D) 65.0%
Charles G. Burns (R) 34.6%
Harold Drake (Proh) 0.2%
Meyer Schneider (S) 0.2%
Michigan 16 John Lesinski, Sr. Democratic 1932 Re-elected John Lesinski, Sr. (D) 62.5%
Kirby L. Wilson, Jr. (R) 36.9%
E. A. Johnson (Proh) 0.4%
Paul Kerber (S) 0.2%
Michigan 17 George A. Dondero Republican 1932 Re-elected George A. Dondero (R) 52.7%
John J. Brown (D) 46.8%
O. Lon Chaney (Proh) 0.3%
Paul Oldenburg (S) 0.1%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Minnesota 1 August H. Andresen Republican 1934 Re-elected August H. Andresen (R) 61.4%
Karl F. Rolvaag (DFL) 38.6%
Minnesota 2 Joseph P. O'Hara Republican 1940 Re-elected Joseph P. O'Hara (R) 63.9%
Milton F. Maxwell (DFL) 36.1%
Minnesota 3 George MacKinnon Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Roy W. Wier (DFL) 54.6%
George MacKinnon (R) 45.4%
Minnesota 4 Edward Devitt Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Eugene McCarthy (DFL) 59.4%
Edward Devitt (R) 40.6%
Minnesota 5 Walter Judd Republican 1942 Re-elected Walter Judd (R) 54.0%
Marcella F. Killen (DFL) 46.0%
Minnesota 6 Harold Knutson Republican 1934 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Fred Marshall (DFL) 51.7%
Harold Knutson (R) 48.3%
Minnesota 7 H. Carl Andersen Republican 1938 Re-elected H. Carl Andersen (R) 52.5%
James M. Youngdale (DFL) 47.5%
Minnesota 8 John Blatnik Democratic 1946 Re-elected John Blatnik (DFL) 66.6%
William A. Berlin (R) 33.4%
Minnesota 9 Harold Hagen Republican 1944 Re-elected Harold Hagen (R) 54.6%
Oscar A. Johnson (DFL) 45.4%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Mississippi 1 John E. Rankin Democratic 1920 Re-elected John E. Rankin (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 2 Jamie L. Whitten Democratic 1941 Re-elected Jamie L. Whitten (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 3 William Madison Whittington Democratic 1924 Re-elected William Madison Whittington (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 4 Thomas Abernethy Democratic 1942 Re-elected Thomas Abernethy (D) 98.4%
W. B. Smith (R) 1.6%
Mississippi 5 W. Arthur Winstead Democratic 1942 Re-elected W. Arthur Winstead (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 6 William M. Colmer Democratic 1932 Re-elected William M. Colmer (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 7 John Bell Williams Democratic 1946 Re-elected John Bell Williams (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Missouri 1 Samuel W. Arnold Republican 1942 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Clare Magee (D) 57.6%
Samuel W. Arnold (R) 42.4%
Missouri 2 Max Schwabe Republican 1942 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Morgan M. Moulder (D) 56.7%
Max Schwabe (R) 43.2%
Watkins (Prog) 0.08%
Missouri 3 William C. Cole Republican 1942 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Phil J. Welch (D) 58.8%
William C. Cole (R) 41.2%
Missouri 4 C. Jasper Bell Democratic 1934 Retired
Democratic hold
Leonard Irving (D) 64.1%
Richard A. Erickson (R) 35.7%
R. D. Farnsworth (Prog) 0.2%
Overheu (Soc-Lab) 0.01%
Missouri 5 Albert L. Reeves, Jr. Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Richard Bolling (D) 55.9%
Albert L. Reeves, Jr. (R) 44.1%
Missouri 6 Marion Tinsley Bennett Republican 1943 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
George H. Christopher (D) 51.4%
Marion Tinsley Bennett (R) 48.6%
Missouri 7 Dewey Short Republican 1934 Re-elected Dewey Short (R) 54.0%
Thomas A. Johnson (D) 46.0%
Missouri 8 Parke M. Banta Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
A. S. J. Carnahan (D) 57.2%
Parke M. Banta (R) 42.8%
Hayes (Soc-Lab) 0.01%
Missouri 9 Clarence Cannon Democratic 1922 Re-elected Clarence Cannon (D) 61.7%
Robert V. Niedner (R) 38.3%
Missouri 10 Vacant Orville Zimmerman (D) died April 7, 1948
Democratic hold
Paul C. Jones (D) 71.6%
Walter K. Dillon (R) 28.4%
Missouri 11 Claude I. Bakewell Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
John B. Sullivan (D) 64.6%
Claude I. Bakewell (R) 33.7%
Margaret Bush WIlson (Prog) 1.7%
Missouri 12 Walter C. Ploeser Republican 1940 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Raymond W. Karst (D) 55.0%
Walter C. Ploeser (R) 44.6%
Bingaman (Prog) 0.3%
O'Meara (S) 0.1%
Missouri 13 Frank M. Karsten Democratic 1946 Re-elected Frank M. Karsten (D) 70.6%
Charles P. McBride (R) 29.4%
W. McNaught (Soc-Lab) 0.02%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Montana 1 Mike Mansfield Democratic 1942 Re-elected Mike Mansfield (D) 67.9%
Albert H. Angstman (R) 31.6%
Floyd P. Jones (S) 0.5%
Montana 2 Wesley A. D'Ewart Republican 1945 Re-elected Wesley A. D'Ewart (R) 51.0%
Willard E. Fraser (D) 49.0%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Nebraska 1 Carl T. Curtis Republican 1938 Re-elected Carl T. Curtis (R) 57.2%
Frank B. Morrison (D) 42.8%
Nebraska 2 Howard Buffett Republican 1942 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Eugene D. O'Sullivan (D) 51.4%
Howard Buffett (R) 48.6%
Nebraska 3 Karl Stefan Republican 1934 Re-elected Karl Stefan (R) 64.8%
Duane K. Peterson (D) 35.2%
Nebraska 4 Arthur L. Miller Republican 1942 Re-elected Arthur L. Miller (R) 63.6%
C. Edgar Leafdale (D) 36.4%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Nevada At-large Charles H. Russell Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Walter S. Baring, Jr. (D) 50.6%
Charles H. Russell (R) 49.4%

New Hampshire

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New Hampshire 1 Chester Earl Merrow Republican 1942 Re-elected Chester Earl Merrow (R) 55.5%
Peter R. Poirier (D) 43.9%
Alexander Karanikas (Prog) 0.6%
New Hampshire 2 Norris Cotton Republican 1946 Re-elected Norris Cotton (R) 57.4%
Richard W. Leonard (D) 41.8%
Harold H. Horne (Prog) 0.8%

New Jersey

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New Jersey 1 Charles A. Wolverton Republican 1926 Re-elected Charles A. Wolverton (R) 53.0%
John W. Donges (D) 45.8%
Philip H. Van Gelder (Prog) 0.9%
Morris Stempa (S) 0.3%
New Jersey 2 T. Millet Hand Republican 1944 Re-elected T. Millet Hand (R) 61.7%
William E. Stringer (D) 37.5%
Thomas F. Ogilvie (Prog) 0.8%
New Jersey 3 James C. Auchincloss Republican 1942 Re-elected James C. Auchincloss (R) 58.5%
Charles F. Sullivan (D) 40.0%
Sidney Stolberg (Prog) 1.3%
James S. Pemberton (Proh) 0.2%
New Jersey 4 Frank A. Mathews, Jr. Republican 1945 Retired
Democratic gain
Charles R. Howell (D) 61.5%
Albert C. Jones (R) 38.5%
New Jersey 5 Charles A. Eaton Republican 1924 Re-elected Charles A. Eaton (R) 57.4%
George C. Miller (D) 41.3%
John Schein (Prog) 1.3%
Emily R. G. Klein (Proh) 0.09%
New Jersey 6 Clifford P. Case Republican 1944 Re-elected Clifford P. Case (R) 55.3%
H. Frank Pettit (D) 40.8%
Daniel Wagner (Prog) 2.8%
Margaret Cameron Lowe (Proh) 1.1%
New Jersey 7 J. Parnell Thomas Republican 1936 Re-elected J. Parnell Thomas (R) 56.2%
John J. Carlin (D) 43.2%
McAlister Coleman (S) 0.6%
New Jersey 8 Gordon Canfield Republican 1940 Re-elected Gordon Canfield (R) 47.5%
Charles S. Joelson (D) 47.4%
Peter J. Toth (I) 3.8%
Joseph Carie (I) 1.3%
New Jersey 9 Harry Lancaster Towe Republican 1942 Re-elected Harry Lancaster Towe (R) 62.2%
James S. Brown (D) 37.8%
New Jersey 10 Fred A. Hartley, Jr. Republican 1928 Retired
Democratic gain
Peter W. Rodino, Jr. (D) 50.7%
Anthony Guiliano (R) 45.7%
John V. Laddey (I) 3.3%
William H. Schafer (Proh) 0.3%
New Jersey 11 Frank Sundstrom Republican 1942 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Hugh Joseph Addonizio (D) 47.7%
Frank Sundstrom (R) 46.2%
Ulysses Campbell (Prog) 2.8%
William E. Bohannon (Socialist Workers) 2.2%
Wesley U. Morris (Proh) 0.8%
Gerald Harris (S) 0.4%
New Jersey 12 Robert W. Kean Republican 1938 Re-elected Robert W. Kean (R) 50.8%
Harry Dudkin (D) 47.0%
Katherine A. Van Orden (Prog) 1.9%
William H. Farrell (Proh) 0.2%
New Jersey 13 Mary Teresa Norton Democratic 1924 Re-elected Mary Teresa Norton (D) 68.1%
Leon Banach (R) 31.9%
New Jersey 14 Edward J. Hart Democratic 1934 Re-elected Edward J. Hart (D) 62.8%
Michael Bongiovanni (R) 37.2%

New Mexico

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New Mexico At-large Antonio M. Fernandez Democratic 1942 Re-elected John E. Miles (D) 29.8%
Antonio M. Fernandez (D) 28.9%
Ben F. Meyer (R) 21.1%
Herman G. Baca (R) 20.2%
New Mexico At-large Georgia Lee Lusk Democratic 1946 Lost renomination
Democratic hold

New York

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New York 1 W. Kingsland Macy Republican 1946 Re-elected W. Kingsland Macy (R) 66.0%
Harold W. Worzel (D) 31.6%
Marjorie Viemeister (American Labor) 2.4%
New York 2 Leonard W. Hall Republican 1938 Re-elected Leonard W. Hall (R) 68.1%
Richard T. Mayes (D) 31.9%
New York 3 Henry J. Latham Republican 1944 Re-elected Henry J. Latham (R) 56.5%
George J. Gross (D) 35.3%
Herbert Shingler (American Labor) 4.9%
Bertram H. Siegeltuch (Liberal) 3.3%
New York 4 Gregory McMahon Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
L. Gary Clemente (D) 46.9%
Gregory McMahon (R) 43.8%
Thomas J. McCabe (American Labor) 5.8%
Mark Starr (Liberal) 3.5%
New York 5 Robert Tripp Ross Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
T. Vincent Quinn (D) 49.8%
Robert Tripp Ross (R) 43.1%
Morris Pottish (American Labor) 7.2%
New York 6 Robert Nodar, Jr. Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
James J. Delaney (D) 57.2%
Robert Nodar, Jr. (R) 36.8%
Irma Lindheim (American Labor) 6.0%
New York 7 John J. Delaney Democratic 1931 Re-elected John J. Delaney (D) 60.0%
Francis E. Dorn (R) 40.0%
New York 8 Joseph L. Pfeifer Democratic 1934 Re-elected Joseph L. Pfeifer (D) 67.7%
Benjamin F. Westervelt (R) 28.6%
August Claessens (Liberal) 3.7%
New York 9 Eugene James Keogh Democratic 1936 Re-elected Eugene James Keogh (D) 56.2%
Philip Hodes (R) 25.1%
Murray Rosof (American Labor) 18.6%
New York 10 Andrew Lawrence Somers Democratic 1924 Re-elected Andrew Lawrence Somers (D) 56.1%
Arthur S. Hirsch (R) 26.1%
Ada B. Jackson (American Labor) 17.8%
New York 11 James J. Heffernan Democratic 1940 Re-elected James J. Heffernan (D) 54.9%
Alfred C. McKenzie (R) 30.2%
Frank Serri (American Labor) 14.9%
New York 12 John J. Rooney Democratic 1944 Re-elected John J. Rooney (D) 60.4%
John J. Miller (R) 31.9%
Vincent J. Longhi (American Labor) 7.7%
New York 13 Donald L. O'Toole Democratic 1936 Re-elected Donald L. O'Toole (D) 52.8%
Charles A. Fisher (R) 35.7%
James Griesi (American Labor) 11.5%
New York 14 Abraham J. Multer Democratic 1947 Re-elected Abraham J. Multer (D) 77.8%
Lee Pressman (American Labor) 22.2%
New York 15 Emanuel Celler Democratic 1922 Re-elected Emanuel Celler (D) 81.4%
Henry D. Dorfman (R) 18.6%
New York 16 Ellsworth B. Buck Republican 1944 Retired
Democratic gain
James J. Murphy (D) 49.3%
Frank A. Pavis (R) 44.0%
Frank Cremonesi (American Labor) 6.7%
New York 17 Frederic Rene Coudert, Jr. Republican 1946 Re-elected Frederic Rene Coudert, Jr. (R) 53.2%
Arthur T. Sawyer (D) 37.2%
Alvin Udell (American Labor) 9.6%
New York 18 Vito Marcantonio Labor 1938 Re-elected Vito Marcantonio (American Labor) 36.9%
John P. Morrissey (D) 31.7%
John Ellis (R) 31.4%
New York 19 Arthur George Klein Democratic 1946 Re-elected Arthur George Klein (D) 74.4%
Herbert Lasky (R) 19.9%
Stephen C. Vlodeck (Liberal) 5.7%
Emanuel Geltman (Socialist Workers) 0.1%
New York 20 Sol Bloom Democratic 1923 Re-elected Sol Bloom (D) 59.4%
Jules J. Justin (R) 28.0%
Eugene P. Connolly (American Labor) 12.6%
New York 21 Jacob K. Javits Republican 1946 Re-elected Jacob K. Javits (R) 50.9%
Paul O'Dwyer (D) 49.1%
New York 22 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Democratic 1944 Re-elected Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. (D) 76.4%
Harold C. Burton (R) 16.9%
Edna O. Moseley (Liberal) 6.7%
New York 23 Walter A. Lynch Democratic 1940 Re-elected Walter A. Lynch (D) 83.0%
Leon Straus (American Labor) 17.0%
New York 24 Leo Isacson Labor February 17, 1948
Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Isidore Dollinger (D) 63.1%
Leo Isacson (American Labor) 36.9%
New York 25 Charles A. Buckley Democratic 1934 Re-elected Charles A. Buckley (D) 82.2%
Albert E. Kahn (American Labor) 17.8%
New York 26 David M. Potts Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Christopher C. McGrath (D) 54.8%
David M. Potts (R) 34.2%
Nicholas Carnes (American Labor) 11.0%
New York 27 Ralph W. Gwinn Republican 1944 Re-elected Ralph W. Gwinn (R) 52.1%
Richard W. McSpedon (D) 43.4%
Francis X. Nulty (American Labor) 4.6%
New York 28 Ralph A. Gamble Republican 1937 Re-elected Ralph A. Gamble (R) 62.7%
Charles J. Nager (D) 32.7%
Pasquale Barile (American Labor) 4.7%
New York 29 Katharine St. George Republican 1946 Re-elected Katharine St. George (R) 60.1%
William G. Pendergast (D) 36.5%
Harold Meredith Chown (American Labor) 3.4%
New York 30 Jay Le Fevre Republican 1942 Re-elected Jay Le Fevre (R) 64.8%
Robert R. Decormier (D) 35.2%
New York 31 Bernard W. Kearney Republican 1942 Re-elected Bernard W. Kearney (R) 55.3%
William M. Murphy (D) 41.4%
Andrew Peterson (American Labor) 3.3%
New York 32 William T. Byrne Democratic 1936 Re-elected William T. Byrne (D) 55.6%
Lawrence J. Collins (R) 41.1%
Margaret L. Wheeler (American Labor) 3.4%
New York 33 Dean P. Taylor Republican 1942 Re-elected Dean P. Taylor (R) 63.7%
Joseph T. Hammer (D) 33.6%
Rockwell Kent (American Labor) 2.7%
New York 34 Clarence E. Kilburn Republican 1940 Re-elected Clarence E. Kilburn (R) 60.7%
Francis K. Purcell (D) 37.6%
Raymond Bull (American Labor) 1.8%
New York 35 Hadwen C. Fuller Republican 1943 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
John C. Davies II (D) 48.9%
Hadwen C. Fuller (R) 48.8%
Max Meyers (American Labor) 2.3%
New York 36 R. Walter Riehlman Republican 1946 Re-elected R. Walter Riehlman (R) 50.5%
Richard T. Mosher (D) 46.3%
Sidney H. Greenburg (American Labor) 3.1%
New York 37 Edwin Arthur Hall Republican 1939 Re-elected Edwin Arthur Hall (R) 63.4%
Myron C. Sloat (D) 34.2%
John Mushock (American Labor) 1.8%
Pierre De Nio (Liberal) 0.6%
New York 38 John Taber Republican 1922 Re-elected John Taber (R) 58.0%
Francis J. Souhan (D) 42.0%
New York 39 W. Sterling Cole Republican 1934 Re-elected W. Sterling Cole (R) 64.3%
Donald J. O'Connor (D) 33.9%
Harold Slingerland (American Labor) 1.8%
New York 40 Kenneth B. Keating Republican 1946 Re-elected Kenneth B. Keating (R) 51.4%
George F. Rogers (D) 48.6%
New York 41 James Wolcott Wadsworth, Jr. Republican 1932 Re-elected James Wolcott Wadsworth, Jr. (R) 59.1%
Bernard E. Hart (D) 39.3%
Helen Lopez (American Labor) 1.6%
New York 42 Walter Gresham Andrews Republican 1930 Retired
Republican hold
William L. Pfeiffer (R) 51.1%
Mary Louise Nice (D) 46.6%
Emanuel Fried (American Labor) 2.3%
New York 43 Edward J. Elsaesser Republican 1944 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Anthony F. Tauriello (D) 50.8%
Edward J. Elsaesser (R) 46.8%
George Provost (American Labor) 2.3%
New York 44 John Cornelius Butler Republican 1941 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Chester C. Gorski (D) 51.8%
John Cornelius Butler (R) 46.2%
Robert Williams (American Labor) 2.0%
New York 45 Daniel A. Reed Republican 1918 Re-elected Daniel A. Reed (R) 60.1%
Hubert D. Bliss (D) 36.5%
Lewis King (American Labor) 2.2%
Elmer Olson (Liberal) 1.2%

North Carolina

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
North Carolina 1 Herbert Covington Bonner Democratic 1940 Re-elected Herbert Covington Bonner (D) 92.7%
Zeno Ratliff (R) 7.3%
North Carolina 2 John H. Kerr Democratic 1923 Re-elected John H. Kerr (D) 96.0%
J. H. Satterthwaite (R) 3.7%
Robert Lathan (Prog) 0.3%
North Carolina 3 Graham Arthur Barden Democratic 1934 Re-elected Graham Arthur Barden (D) 78.8%
Perry G. Crumpler (R) 21.2%
North Carolina 4 Harold D. Cooley Democratic 1934 Re-elected Harold D. Cooley (D) 78.1%
Joel A. Johnson (R) 21.5%
James H. Wright (Prog) 0.4%
North Carolina 5 John Hamlin Folger Democratic 1941 Retired
Democratic hold
Richard Thurmond Chatham (D) 72.7%
John Tucker Day (R) 26.1%
Harvey A. Cox, Jr. (Prog) 1.2%
North Carolina 6 Carl T. Durham Democratic 1938 Re-elected Carl T. Durham (D) 72.1%
Ralph O. Smith (R) 25.5%
M. H. Ross (Prog) 2.4%
North Carolina 7 J. Bayard Clark Democratic 1928 Retired
Democratic hold
Frank Ertel Carlyle (D) 84.3%
J. O. West (R) 15.3%
Robert E. Davis (Prog) 0.4%
North Carolina 8 Charles B. Deane Democratic 1946 Re-elected Charles B. Deane (D) 62.7%
Lafayette Williams (R) 37.3%
North Carolina 9 Robert L. Doughton Democratic 1910 Re-elected Robert L. Doughton (D) 59.6%
Clyde R. Greene (R) 40.4%
North Carolina 10 Hamilton C. Jones Democratic 1946 Re-elected Hamilton C. Jones (D) 59.6%
Roy A. Harmon (R) 40.1%
Ralph Lael (Prog) 0.3%
North Carolina 11 Alfred L. Bulwinkle Democratic 1930 Re-elected Alfred L. Bulwinkle (D) 64.9%
Calvin R. Edney (R) 35.1%
North Carolina 12 Monroe Minor Redden Democratic 1946 Re-elected Monroe Minor Redden (D) 63.1%
W. W. Candler (R) 36.9%

North Dakota

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
North Dakota At-large William Lemke Republican 1942 Re-elected William Lemke (R) 41.5%
Usher L. Burdick (R) 40.2%
Alfred Dale (D) 17.8%
John M. Weiler (Prog) 0.6%
North Dakota At-large Charles R. Robertson Republican 1944 Lost renomination
Republican hold


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Ohio 1 Charles H. Elston Republican 1938 Re-elected Charles H. Elston (R) 51.6%
Morse Johnson (D) 48.4%
Ohio 2 William E. Hess Republican 1938 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Earl T. Wagner (D) 52.8%
William E. Hess (R) 47.2%
Ohio 3 Raymond H. Burke Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Edward G. Breen (D) 58.2%
Raymond H. Burke (R) 41.8%
Ohio 4 William Moore McCulloch Republican 1947 Re-elected William Moore McCulloch (R) 55.7%
Earl Ludwig (D) 44.3%
Ohio 5 Cliff Clevenger Republican 1938 Re-elected Cliff Clevenger (R) 52.1%
Dan Batt (D) 47.9%
Ohio 6 Edward O. McCowen Republican 1942 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
James G. Polk (D) 53.1%
Edward O. McCowen (R) 46.9%
Ohio 7 Clarence J. Brown Republican 1938 Re-elected Clarence J. Brown (R) Unopposed
Ohio 8 Frederick C. Smith Republican 1938 Re-elected Frederick C. Smith (R) 54.5%
Andrew T. Durbin (D) 45.5%
Ohio 9 Homer A. Ramey Republican 1942 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Thomas H. Burke (D) 53.8%
Homer A. Ramey (R) 46.2%
Ohio 10 Thomas A. Jenkins Republican 1924 Re-elected Thomas A. Jenkins (R) 57.9%
Delmar A. Canaday (D) 42.1%
Ohio 11 Walter E. Brehm Republican 1942 Re-elected Walter E. Brehm (R) 50.8%
Joseph C. Allen (D) 49.2%
Ohio 12 John M. Vorys Republican 1938 Re-elected John M. Vorys (R) 52.1%
Robert M. Draper (D) 47.9%
Ohio 13 Alvin F. Weichel Republican 1942 Re-elected Alvin F. Weichel (R) 59.2%
Dwight A. Blackmore (D) 40.8%
Ohio 14 Walter B. Huber Democratic 1944 Re-elected Walter B. Huber (D) 57.2%
Ed Rowe (R) 42.2%
Harry Hurtt, Jr. (I) 0.6%
Ohio 15 Percy W. Griffiths Republican 1942 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Robert T. Secrest (D) 56.4%
Percy W. Griffiths (R) 43.6%
Ohio 16 Henderson H. Carson Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
John McSweeney (D) 52.6%
Henderson H. Carson (R) 47.4%
Ohio 17 J. Harry McGregor Republican 1940 Re-elected J. Harry McGregor (R) 52.9%
Robert W. Levering (D) 47.1%
Ohio 18 Earl R. Lewis Republican 1942 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Wayne L. Hays (D) 54.1%
Earl R. Lewis (R) 45.9%
Ohio 19 Michael J. Kirwan Democratic 1936 Re-elected Michael J. Kirwan (D) 68.1%
William Bacon (R) 31.9%
Ohio 20 Michael A. Feighan Democratic 1942 Re-elected Michael A. Feighan (D) Unopposed
Ohio 21 Robert Crosser Democratic 1922 Re-elected Robert Crosser (D) 75.9%
Harry W. Mitchell (R) 24.1%
Ohio 22 Frances P. Bolton Republican 1940 Re-elected Frances P. Bolton (R) 54.7%
Jack G. Day (D) 45.3%
Ohio At-large George H. Bender Republican 1938 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Stephen M. Young (D) 52.0%
George H. Bender (R) 48.0%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Oklahoma 1 George B. Schwabe Republican 1944 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Dixie Gilmer (D) 53.3%
George B. Schwabe (R) 46.7%
Oklahoma 2 William G. Stigler Democratic 1944 Re-elected William G. Stigler (D) 69.7%
George T. Balch (R) 30.3%
Oklahoma 3 Carl Albert Democratic 1946 Re-elected Carl Albert (D) 83.9%
Russell Overstreet (R) 16.1%
Oklahoma 4 Glen D. Johnson Democratic 1946 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic hold
Tom Steed (D) 72.1%
Clyde T. Patrick (R) 27.9%
Oklahoma 5 A. S. Mike Monroney Democratic 1938 Re-elected A. S. Mike Monroney (D) 67.4%
Carmon C. Harris (R) 32.6%
Oklahoma 6 Toby Morris Democratic 1946 Re-elected Toby Morris (D) 73.7%
George E. Young (R) 26.3%
Oklahoma 7 Preston E. Peden Democratic 1946 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Victor Wickersham (D) 79.4%
J. Warren White (R) 20.6%
Oklahoma 8 Ross Rizley Republican 1940 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic gain
George H. Wilson (D) 58.0%
Martin Garber (R) 42.0%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Oregon 1 A. Walter Norblad Republican 1946 Re-elected A. Walter Norblad (R) 63.2%
Edward E. Gideon (D) 32.8%
Theodore Wolcott (Prog) 4.0%
Oregon 2 Lowell Stockman Republican 1942 Re-elected Lowell Stockman (R) 58.2%
C. J. Shorb (D) 41.8%
Oregon 3 Homer D. Angell Republican 1938 Re-elected Homer D. Angell (R) 55.5%
Roland C. Bartlett (D) 37.1%
Peggy T. Carlson (Prog) 7.4%
Oregon 4 Harris Ellsworth Republican 1942 Re-elected Harris Ellsworth (R) 66.6%
William F. Tanton (D) 33.4%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Pennsylvania 1 James A. Gallagher Republican 1946 Lost renomination
Democratic gain
William A. Barrett (D) 53.4%
John De Nero (R) 46.6%
Pennsylvania 2 Robert N. McGarvey Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
William T. Granahan (D) 54.3%
Robert N. McGarvey (R) 45.7%
Pennsylvania 3 Hardie Scott Republican 1946 Re-elected Hardie Scott (R) 52.0%
Maurice S. Osser (D) 48.0%
Pennsylvania 4 Franklin J. Maloney Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Earl Chudoff (D) 55.7%
Franklin J. Maloney (R) 39.9%
Joseph H. Rainey (Prog) 4.5%
Pennsylvania 5 George W. Sarbacher, Jr. Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
William J. Green, Jr. (D) 50.7%
George W. Sarbacher, Jr. (R) 49.3%
Pennsylvania 6 Hugh Scott Republican 1946 Re-elected Hugh Scott (R) 57.0%
Herbert J. McGlinchey (D) 43.0%
Pennsylvania 7 E. Wallace Chadwick Republican 1946 Lost renomination
Republican hold
Benjamin F. James (R) 61.3%
Arnold M. Snyder (D) 37.8%
John C. Wolf (Prog) 0.9%
Pennsylvania 8 Franklin H. Lichtenwalter Republican 1947 Re-elected Franklin H. Lichtenwalter (R) 59.2%
Wynne James, Jr. (D) 40.8%
Pennsylvania 9 Paul B. Dague Republican 1946 Re-elected Paul B. Dague (R) 67.1%
W. Roger Simpson (D) 32.9%
Pennsylvania 10 James P. Scoblick Republican 1946 Lost renomination
Democratic gain
Harry P. O'Neill (D) 58.5%
Nelson Nichols (R) 41.5%
Pennsylvania 11 Mitchell Jenkins Republican 1946 Retired
Democratic gain
Daniel J. Flood (D) 51.8%
Robert H. Stroh (R) 48.2%
Pennsylvania 12 Ivor D. Fenton Republican 1938 Re-elected Ivor D. Fenton (R) 60.6%
John Oshinskie (D) 39.4%
Pennsylvania 13 Frederick A. Muhlenberg Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
George M. Rhodes (D) 50.3%
Frederick A. Muhlenberg (R) 46.4%
Raymond S. Hofses (S) 3.3%
Pennsylvania 14 Wilson D. Gillette Republican 1941 Re-elected Wilson D. Gillette (R) 65.2%
David Burchell (D) 34.8%
Pennsylvania 15 Robert F. Rich Republican 1944 Re-elected Robert F. Rich (R) 61.6%
Patrick A. McGowan (D) 38.4%
Pennsylvania 16 Samuel K. McConnell, Jr. Republican 1944 Re-elected Samuel K. McConnell, Jr. (R) 66.9%
Henry Hellar Kelly (D) 33.1%
Pennsylvania 17 Richard M. Simpson Republican 1937 Re-elected Richard M. Simpson (R) 64.5%
Ira Garman (D) 35.5%
Pennsylvania 18 John C. Kunkel Republican 1938 Re-elected John C. Kunkel (R) 63.7%
Theodore C. Frederick, Jr. (D) 36.3%
Pennsylvania 19 Leon H. Gavin Republican 1942 Re-elected Leon H. Gavin (R) 63.7%
Francis J. Manno (D) 36.3%
Pennsylvania 20 Francis E. Walter Democratic 1932 Re-elected Francis E. Walter (D) 58.8%
Roy E. James (R) 41.2%
Pennsylvania 21 Chester H. Gross Republican 1942 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
James F. Lind (D) 53.7%
Chester H. Gross (R) 46.3%
Pennsylvania 22 James E. Van Zandt Republican 1946 Re-elected James E. Van Zandt (R) 60.4%
Julia Luigia Maietta (D) 39.6%
Pennsylvania 23 William J. Crow Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Anthony Cavalcante (D) 54.3%
William J. Crow (R) 45.7%
Pennsylvania 24 Thomas E. Morgan Democratic 1944 Re-elected Thomas E. Morgan (D) 65.4%
Roy A. Purviance (R) 34.6%
Pennsylvania 25 Louis E. Graham Republican 1938 Re-elected Louis E. Graham (R) 52.6%
Andrew G. Katcher (D) 47.4%
Pennsylvania 26 Harve Tibbott Republican 1938 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Robert L. Coffey, Jr. (D) 55.4%
Harve Tibbott (R) 44.6%
Pennsylvania 27 Augustine B. Kelley Democratic 1940 Re-elected Augustine B. Kelley (D) 62.2%
W. Urban Gillespie (R) 37.8%
Pennsylvania 28 Carroll D. Kearns Republican 1946 Re-elected Carroll D. Kearns (R) 54.5%
James A. Kennedy (D) 45.5%
Pennsylvania 29 John McDowell Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Harry J. Davenport (D) 54.2%
John McDowell (R) 45.8%
Pennsylvania 30 Robert J. Corbett Republican 1944 Re-elected Robert J. Corbett (R) 50.3%
J. R. Montgomery (D) 49.7%
Pennsylvania 31 James G. Fulton Republican 1944 Re-elected James G. Fulton (R) 56.4%
John J. Kane, Jr. (D) 43.6%
Pennsylvania 32 Herman P. Eberharter Democratic 1936 Re-elected Herman P. Eberharter (D) 72.7%
Albert J. Weilersbacher (R) 27.3%
Pennsylvania 33 Frank Buchanan Democratic 1946 Re-elected Frank Buchanan (D) 69.2%
Albert G. Brown (R) 30.8%

Rhode Island

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Rhode Island 1 Aime Forand Democratic 1940 Re-elected Aime Forand (D) 61.9%
Oscar J. V. Hurteau (R) 38.1%
Rhode Island 2 John E. Fogarty Democratic 1940 Re-elected John E. Fogarty (D) 59.7%
Thomas J. Paolino (R) 40.3%

South Carolina

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
South Carolina 1 L. Mendel Rivers Democratic 1940 Re-elected L. Mendel Rivers (D) 89.1%
W. Tate Baggott (R) 10.9%
South Carolina 2 John J. Riley Democratic 1944 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Hugo S. Sims, Jr. (D) 96.4%
W. Edward Moore (R) 3.6%
South Carolina 3 William Jennings Bryan Dorn Democratic 1946 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic hold
James Butler Hare (D) 97.9%
D. F. Merill (R) 2.1%
South Carolina 4 Joseph R. Bryson Democratic 1938 Re-elected Joseph R. Bryson (D) 94.9%
James B. Gaston (R) 5.1%
South Carolina 5 James P. Richards Democratic 1932 Re-elected James P. Richards (D) 97.1%
J. D. Hambright (R) 2.9%
South Carolina 6 John L. McMillan Democratic 1938 Re-elected John L. McMillan (D) 97.1%
Frank L. Bradfield (R) 2.9%

South Dakota

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
South Dakota 1 Karl E. Mundt Republican 1938 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Republican hold
Harold Lovre (R) 53.5%
Merton B. Tice (D) 46.5%
South Dakota 2 Francis H. Case Republican 1936 Re-elected Francis H. Case (R) 65.9%
Jessie E. Sanders (D) 34.1%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Tennessee 1 Dayton E. Phillips Republican 1946 Re-elected Dayton E. Phillips (R) 84.7%
Arthur W. Bright (I) 15.3%
Tennessee 2 John Jennings Republican 1939 Re-elected John Jennings (R) 58.0%
Thomas P. Fowler (D) 42.0%
Tennessee 3 Estes Kefauver Democratic 1939 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic hold
James B. Frazier, Jr. (D) 67.3%
W. E. Michael (R) 31.3%
J. B. Stoner (I) 1.4%
Tennessee 4 Albert Gore, Sr. Democratic 1938 Re-elected Albert Gore, Sr. (D) 64.3%
Tom T. Tucker, Jr. (R) 35.7%
Tennessee 5 Joe L. Evins Democratic 1946 Re-elected Joe L. Evins (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 6 Percy Priest Democratic 1940 Re-elected Percy Priest (D) 81.4%
Jesse L. Perry (R) 17.0%
E. C. Loftis (I) 1.5%
Tennessee 7 W. Wirt Courtney Democratic 1939 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
James Patrick Sutton (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 8 Tom J. Murray Democratic 1942 Re-elected Tom J. Murray (D) 69.2%
J. Sam Johnson, Jr. (R) 30.8%
Tennessee 9 Jere Cooper Democratic 1928 Re-elected Jere Cooper (D) 91.1%
S. Homer Tatum (R) 8.9%
Tennessee 10 Clifford Davis Democratic 1940 Re-elected Clifford Davis (D) 93.1%
Dwight V. Kyle (Prog) 6.9%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Texas 1 Wright Patman Democratic 1928 Re-elected Wright Patman (D) Unopposed
Texas 2 Jesse M. Combs Democratic 1944 Re-elected Jesse M. Combs (D) 93.3%
Don Parker (R) 6.7%
Texas 3 Lindley Beckworth Democratic 1938 Re-elected Lindley Beckworth (D) 88.7%
R. E. Kennedy (R) 11.3%
Texas 4 Sam Rayburn Democratic 1912 Re-elected Sam Rayburn (D) Unopposed
Texas 5 Joseph Franklin Wilson Democratic 1946 Re-elected Joseph Franklin Wilson (D) 98.4%
Joe Bailey Irwin (Prog) 1.6%
Texas 6 Olin E. Teague Democratic 1946 Re-elected Olin E. Teague (D) 99.8%
J. Hayden Moore, Sr. (Prog) 0.2%
Texas 7 Tom Pickett Democratic 1944 Re-elected Tom Pickett (D) Unopposed
Texas 8 Albert Richard Thomas Democratic 1936 Re-elected Albert Richard Thomas (D) 85.5%
Joe Ingraham (R) 14.5%
Texas 9 Clark W. Thompson Democratic 1947 Re-elected Clark W. Thompson (D) Unopposed
Texas 10 Lyndon B. Johnson Democratic 1937 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic hold
Homer Thornberry (D) Unopposed
Texas 11 William R. Poage Democratic 1936 Re-elected William R. Poage (D) 96.3%
A. A. Warrington (D) 3.7%
Texas 12 Wingate H. Lucas Democratic 1946 Re-elected Wingate H. Lucas (D) 89.1%
Elton M. Hyder (R) 10.9%
Texas 13 Ed Gossett Democratic 1938 Re-elected Ed Gossett (D) Unopposed
Texas 14 John E. Lyle, Jr. Democratic 1944 Re-elected John E. Lyle, Jr. (D) 88.9%
James M. Swafford (R) 10.9%
Tom Neal (Prog) 0.2%
Texas 15 Milton H. West Democratic 1933 Retired
Democratic hold
Lloyd Bentsen (D) Unopposed[5]
Texas 16 Kenneth M. Regan Democratic 1947 Re-elected Kenneth M. Regan (D) 99.5%
J. B. Chavez (Prog) 0.5%
Texas 17 Omar Burleson Democratic 1946 Re-elected Omar Burleson (D) Unopposed
Texas 18 Eugene Worley Democratic 1940 Re-elected Eugene Worley (D) 88.7%
J. Evetts Haley (R) 11.3%
Texas 19 George H. Mahon Democratic 1934 Re-elected George H. Mahon (D) 95.6%
Mohler D. Temple (R) 4.4%
Texas 20 Paul J. Kilday Democratic 1938 Re-elected Paul J. Kilday (D) 75.3%
J. P. Ledvina (R) 24.7%
Texas 21 O. C. Fisher Democratic 1942 Re-elected O. C. Fisher (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Utah 1 Walter K. Granger Democratic 1940 Re-elected Walter K. Granger (D) 59.0%
David J. Wilson (R) 41.0%
Utah 2 William A. Dawson Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Reva Beck Bosone (D) 57.5%
William A. Dawson (R) 42.5%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Vermont At-large Charles Albert Plumley Republican 1934 Re-elected Charles Albert Plumley (R) 60.8%
Robert W. Ready (D) 39.2%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Virginia 1 S. Otis Bland Democratic 1918 Re-elected S. Otis Bland (D) 80.0%
Stanley G. Adams (R) 18.6%
J. Luther Kibler (S) 1.4%
Virginia 2 Porter Hardy, Jr. Democratic 1946 Re-elected Porter Hardy, Jr. (D) 61.2%
Walter E. Hoffman (R) 34.4%
Jerry O. Gilliam (Prog) 4.2%
Sidney Moore (S) 0.3%
Virginia 3 J. Vaughan Gary Democratic 1945 Re-elected J. Vaughan Gary (D) 72.9%
Richard C. Poage (R) 24.3%
David P. Bennett (C) 1.7%
Mary D. Fleet (S) 1.1%
Virginia 4 Watkins Moorman Abbitt Democratic February 17, 1948
Re-elected Watkins Moorman Abbitt (D) Unopposed
Virginia 5 Thomas Bahnson Stanley Democratic 1946 Re-elected Thomas Bahnson Stanley (D) 99.5%
Gene Graybeal (W/I) 0.5%
Virginia 6 Vacant James Lindsay Almond, Jr. (D) resigned April 17, 1948 to become Attorney General of Virginia
Democratic hold
Clarence G. Burton (D) 64.7%
John Strickler (R) 34.7%
J. B. Brayman (S) 0.7%
Virginia 7 Burr Harrison Democratic 1946 Re-elected Burr Harrison (D) 60.4%
Stephen D. Timberlake (R) 39.6%
Virginia 8 Howard W. Smith Democratic 1930 Re-elected Howard W. Smith (D) 54.8%
Tyrrell Krum (R) 41.5%
Frank M. Hurst (I) 1.9%
Sarah H. Davila (Prog) 1.8%
Virginia 9 John W. Flannagan, Jr. Democratic 1930 Retired
Democratic hold
Thomas B. Fugate (D) 52.4%
T. Eugene Worrell (R) 47.6%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Washington 1 Homer R. Jones Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Hugh B. Mitchell (D) 50.8%
Homer R. Jones (R) 46.8%
William J. Pennock (Prog) 2.4%
Washington 2 Henry M. Jackson Democratic 1940 Re-elected Henry M. Jackson (D) 61.6%
Payson Peterson (R) 35.6%
Elmer D. Needham (Prog) 2.8%
Washington 3 Russell V. Mack Republican 1947 Re-elected Russell V. Mack (R) 52.1%
Charles R. Savage (D) 47.9%
Washington 4 Hal Holmes Republican 1942 Re-elected Hal Holmes (R) 53.2%
John F. Eubank (D) 46.8%
Washington 5 Walt Horan Republican 1942 Re-elected Walt Horan (R) 54.6%
John F. McKay (D) 45.4%
Washington 6 Thor C. Tollefson Republican 1946 Re-elected Thor C. Tollefson (R) 55.1%
Jack E. Knudsen (D) 40.9%
Ernest Thor Olson (Prog) 4.0%

West Virginia

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
West Virginia 1 Francis J. Love Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Robert L. Ramsay (D) 57.3%
Francis J. Love (R) 42.7%
West Virginia 2 Melvin C. Snyder Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Harley O. Staggers (D) 54.7%
Melvin C. Snyder (R) 45.3%
West Virginia 3 Edward G. Rohrbough Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Cleveland M. Bailey (D) 57.1%
Edward G. Rohrbough (R) 42.9%
West Virginia 4 Hubert S. Ellis Republican 1942 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
M. G. Burnside (D) 53.1%
Hubert S. Ellis (R) 46.9%
West Virginia 5 John Kee Democratic 1932 Re-elected John Kee (D) 65.1%
Hartley Sanders (R) 34.9%
West Virginia 6 E. H. Hedrick Democratic 1944 Re-elected E. H. Hedrick (D) 62.5%
D. L. Salisbury (R) 37.5%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Wisconsin 1 Lawrence H. Smith Republican 1941 Re-elected Lawrence H. Smith (R) 51.9%
Jack Harvey (D) 47.6%
John C. Spence (S) 0.5%
Wisconsin 2 Glenn Robert Davis Republican 1947 Re-elected Glenn Robert Davis (R) 53.9%
Horace W. Wilkie (D) 45.6%
Mary Jo Uphoff (S) 0.5%
Wisconsin 3 William H. Stevenson Republican 1940 Lost renomination
Republican hold
Gardner R. Withrow (R) 69.2%
Frank J. Antoine (D) 30.4%
Clarence J. Habelman (S) 0.4%
Wisconsin 4 John C. Brophy Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Clement J. Zablocki (D) 55.9%
John C. Brophy (R) 39.5%
Edmund V. Bobrowicz (Prog) 3.2%
Clement Stachowiak (S) 1.5%
Wisconsin 5 Charles J. Kersten Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Andrew Biemiller (D) 53.1%
Charles J. Kersten (R) 44.8%
Edwin W. Knappe (S) 2.1%
Wisconsin 6 Frank B. Keefe Republican 1938 Re-elected Frank B. Keefe (R) 55.5%
Kenneth Kunde (D) 43.8%
Rudolph Renn (S) 0.7%
Wisconsin 7 Reid F. Murray Republican 1938 Re-elected Reid F. Murray (R) 62.5%
Ralph E. Kronenwetter (D) 36.1%
Emil Muelver (Prog) 0.9%
John A. Pearson, Jr. (S) 0.4%
Wisconsin 8 John W. Byrnes Republican 1944 Re-elected John W. Byrnes (R) 56.6%
Martin J. Young (D) 42.7%
Oliver Rasmussen (Prog) 0.5%
Lee M. Schaal (S) 0.2%
Wisconsin 9 Merlin Hull Republican 1934 Re-elected Merlin Hull (R) 98.1%
Linton Jahr (Prog) 1.0%
Howard C. Hendricks (S) 0.9%
Wisconsin 10 Alvin E. O'Konski Republican 1942 Re-elected Alvin E. O'Konski (R) 54.8%
Daniel W. Hoan (D) 41.6%
Charles N. Polich (Prog) 3.2%
Adolph F. Kreie (S) 0.5%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Wyoming At-large Frank A. Barrett Republican 1942 Re-elected Frank A. Barrett (R) 51.5%
L. G. Flannery (D) 48.5%


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