Uncle Scrooge

This article is about the comic. For the character, see Scrooge McDuck. For the criminal, see Arno Funke. For the character from A Christmas Carol, see Ebenezer Scrooge.
Uncle Scrooge

Uncle Scrooge #21 cover. Art by Carl Barks
Publication information
Publisher Dell Comics, Gold Key Comics / Whitman, Gladstone Publishing, Disney Comics, Gemstone Publishing, Boom Kids! (Boom! Studios), IDW Publishing
Genre Funny animal
Publication date 1952 - 1984
1986 – 1998
2003 – 2008
2009 – 2011
Number of issues 412, including 3 issues of Four Color (as of November 2015)
Creative team
Creator(s) Carl Barks, Tony Strobl, Vic Lockman, Phil DeLara, Jack Manning, Pete Alvarado, Daan Jippes, Don Rosa, William Van Horn, Gutenberghus/Egmont Group (Vicar, Daniel Branca, Joel Katz, Dave Angus, Tom Anderson, Gail Renard, et al.), John Lustig, Pat McGreal, Dave Rawson, Michael T. Gilbert, Romano Scarpa, and others

Uncle Scrooge (stylized as Uncle $crooge) is a comic book starring the stingy Scrooge McDuck ("the richest duck in the world"), his nephew Donald Duck, and grandnephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and revolving around their adventures in Duckburg and around the world. It was first published in Four Color Comics #386 March 1952, as a spin-off of the popular "Donald Duck" series and is still presently ongoing. It has been produced under the aegis of several different publishers, including Western Publishing (initially in association with Dell Comics and later under its own subsidiary, Gold Key Comics and its Whitman imprint), Gladstone Publishing, Disney Comics, Gemstone Publishing, Boom! Studios, and IDW Publishing, and has undergone several hiatuses of varying length. Despite this, it has maintained the same numbering scheme throughout its six decade history, with only IDW adding a secondary numbering that started at #1.[1]

Besides Scrooge and his family, recurring characters include Gyro Gearloose, Gladstone Gander, Emily Quackfaster, and Brigitta MacBridge. Among the adversaries who make repeat appearances are the Beagle Boys, Magica De Spell, John D. Rockerduck and Flintheart Glomgold. Uncle Scrooge is one of the core titles of the "Duck universe."

Its early issues by famed writer/artist (and creator of Scrooge McDuck) Carl Barks formed the inspiration for the syndicated television cartoon DuckTales in the late 1980s. Several stories written by Barks and published in Uncle Scrooge were adapted as episodes of DuckTales.

Writers and artists

The first 70 issues mostly consisted of stories written and drawn by Carl Barks. The 71st issue had a story written by Barks and drawn by Tony Strobl. Subsequent Gold Key Comics issues combined reprints of earlier Barks tales with new material by creators such as Strobl, Vic Lockman, Phil DeLara, Jack Manning, and Pete Alvarado.

When Gladstone Publishing relaunched the title in 1986, a new generation of American creators began contributing to the title, including Don Rosa, William Van Horn, John Lustig, Pat McGreal, Dave Rawson, and Michael T. Gilbert. As before, their work was intermingled with Carl Barks reprints, as well as with translations of European Disney comics by such creators as Daan Jippes, Fred Milton and Romano Scarpa originally published by Oberon, Egmont (originally Gutenberghus) and Disney Italy/Mondadori.

U.S. publication history

Scrooge made his first appearance in the Donald Duck story "Christmas on Bear Mountain" as a curmudgeonly man who decides to test Donald and his nephews to see if they are worthy of inheriting his wealth. Barks found the character and his wealth a useful springboard for stories and re-used him in a number of subsequent Donald Duck one-shot adventures and ten pagers appearing in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories. By 1952 the popularity of the character convinced Dell to give Scrooge a try-out as a lead character in the seminal "Only a Poor Old Man" in Dell's Four Color anthology series, a story Barks expert Michael Barrier has termed a masterpiece. After two further Four Color appearances Scrooge was granted his own title starting with issue number 4 (counting the try-out issues as one through three).

The series continued uninterrupted (though not always on a monthly schedule) until 1984, when Western Publishing (the parent company of Gold Key/Whitman, who were publishing the title at the time) withdrew from the comic book business. Western had held the Disney comic book license since the late 1930s, and their withdrawal left the license, and Uncle Scrooge, in limbo for two years, when Another Rainbow, who had been publishing hardbound compilations of Carl Barks's work for several years, acquired it and launched Gladstone Publishing, resuming the title where Whitman had left off.

Gladstone continued publishing Uncle Scrooge until their license expired in 1990. At that point, the series shifted over to Disney Comics with little change in editorial direction. It was one of only three monthly titles to survive the "Disney implosion" of 1991 (the others being Walt Disney's Comics and Stories and Donald Duck Adventures), and continued to be published by Disney Comics until 1993, when Disney Comics folded and the license was reacquired by Gladstone Publishing. Gladstone went through their own implosion in 1998, and Uncle Scrooge was briefly converted into a double-sized (64 page), "prestige" format series, before Gladstone ended publication entirely later that year.

No further issues were published until 2003, when Gemstone Publishing (whose editorial staff included several former employees of Gladstone) acquired the license and resumed publication of Uncle Scrooge. Gemstone maintained the prestige format previously adopted by Gladstone, and continued to publish the series until November 2008. Financial difficulties at Gemstone ended its run then, and the license was acquired by Boom! Studios, who reverted to the standard 32 page format when they began publication in late 2009. Boom's run ended in 2011, when the Walt Disney Company's acquisition of Marvel Entertainment lead to the consolidation of all Disney comics licenses under Marvel Comics.

In January 2015, IDW Publishing announced that they would be publishing the title, starting in April 2015.[1]

Other titles and spinoffs

Over the years, Scrooge McDuck has proven popular enough to appear as the main character in a number of other comic book series. Many of these series include republications of stories originally written for the "main" Uncle Scrooge title in the United States or various European countries.

Scrooge often appeared in The Beagle Boys alongside his frequent adversaries, published irregularly by Gold Key from 1963 to 1979.[2] When that title ended, it was relaunched as The Beagle Boys Versus Uncle Scrooge in March 1979 and lasted for twelve issues, until February 1980.[3]

In 1987, Gladstone Publishing began publication of Uncle Scrooge Adventures, which they would continue to publish until 1998, excluding the period from 1990 through 1993, when Disney Comics held the license to publish Disney comics.

Scrooge was also a major character in three different comic book titles tied in with the DuckTales television series. The first of these consisted of 13 issues and was published by Gladstone Publishing from 1987 to 1990.[4] The second consisted of 18 issues published by Disney Comics from 1990 through 1991.[5] The final (to date) was published over six issues by Boom Kids! in 2011.[6] Several DuckTales comics starring Scrooge would also appear in the pages of Disney Adventures in the early 1990s.[7]

Finally, The Adventurous Uncle Scrooge McDuck, published by Gladstone, ran for two issues in 1998. A third issue was planned but cancelled along with the rest of Gladstone's output other than Uncle Scrooge and Walt Disney's Comics and Stories following a collapse in comics sales.[8]


This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.
Number Date Stories Notes Publisher
1 (Four Color #386) 3/1952 "Only a Poor Old Man" (Carl Barks) first issue of Uncle Scrooge, Inspired an episode of DuckTales Dell
2 (Four Color #456) 3/1953 "Back to the Klondike" (Carl Barks) Inspired an episode of DuckTales Dell
3 (Four Color #495) 9/1953 "The Horseradish Story" (Carl Barks) Inspired an episode of DuckTales Dell
4 12/1953 "The Menehune Mystery" (Carl Barks) first issue of Uncle Scrooge not in the Four Color series, considered first "official" issue of Uncle Scrooge Dell
5 3/1954 "The Secret of Atlantis" (Carl Barks) Partly inspired an episode of DuckTales Dell
6 6/1954 "Tralla La", (Carl Barks) Inspired an episode of DuckTales Dell
7 9/1954 "The Seven Cities of Cibola" (Carl Barks) Helped inspire opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark Dell
8 12/1954 "The Mysterious Stone Ray" (Carl Barks) Dell
9 3/1955 "The Lemming with the Locket" (Carl Barks) Inspired an episode of DuckTales Dell
10 6/1955 "The Fabulous Philosopher's Stone" (Carl Barks) Dell
11 9/1955 "The Great Steamboat Race" (Carl Barks) Dell
12 12/1955 "The Golden Fleecing" (Carl Barks) Inspired an episode of DuckTales Dell
13 3/1956 "Land Beneath the Ground!" (Carl Barks) Inspired an episode of DuckTales Dell
14 6/1956 "The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan" (Carl Barks) Inspired an episode of DuckTales Dell
15 9/1956 "The Second-Richest Duck" (Carl Barks) First Appearance of Flintheart Glomgold Dell
16 12/1956 "Back to Long Ago" (Carl Barks) Dell
17 3/1957 "A Cold Bargain" (Carl Barks) First appearance of the Brutopian Ambassador Dell
18 6/1957 "Land of the Pygmy Indians" (Carl Barks) Dell
19 9/1957 "The Mines of King Solomon" (Carl Barks) Dell
20 12/1957 "City of Golden Roofs" (Carl Barks) Dell
21 3/1958 "The Money Well" (Carl Barks) Dell
22 6/1958 "The Golden River" (Carl Barks) Dell
23 9/1958 "The Strange Shipwrecks", "The Fabulous Tycoon"(both Carl Barks) Second story introduced Longhorn Tallgrass Dell
24 12/1958 "The Twenty-Four Carat Moon" (Carl Barks) Dell
25 3/1959 "The Flying Dutchman" (Carl Barks) Dell
26 6/1959 "The Prize of Pizarro" Helped inspire opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark Dell
27 9/1959 "The Money Champ", Gyro Gearloose "The Firefly Tracker", "His Handy Andy", "Crawls for Cash" short Dell
28 12/1959 "The Paul Bunyan Machine", Gyro Gearloose "The Inventors Contest", "The Witching Stick", "Money Hat" short Dell
29 3/1960 "Island in the Sky", Gyro Gearloose "Oodles of Oomph", "Hound of the Whiskervilles" Dell
30 6/1960 "Pipeline to Danger", Gyro Gearloose "War Paint", "Yoicks! The Fox!" Dell
31 9/1960 "All at Sea", Gyro Gearloose "Fishy Warden", "Two-way Luck", "The Secret Book" short, "The Balmy Swami" short Dell
32 1/1961 "That's No Fable", Gyro Gearloose "That Small Feeling", "Clothes Make the Duck", "The Homey Touch" short, "A Thrift Gift" short, "Turnabout" short Dell
33 2/1961 "Tree Trick" short, "Billions in the Hole", Gyro Gearloose "You Can't Win", "Bongo on the Congo", "The Big Bobber" short, "Thumbs Up" short Dell
34 3/1961 "Mythic Mystery", Gyro Gearloose "Wily Rival", "Chugwagon Derby" Dell
35 4/1961 "Hurry Birds" short, "The Golden Nugget Boat", Gyro Gearloose "Fast Away Castaway", "Gift Lion", "Bird Bait" short Dell
36 2/1962 "The Midas Touch", "Duckburg's Day of Peril", Gyro Gearloose "Money Bag Goat", "The Bends" short, "Green Stuff" short, "Memory Man" short Dell
37 3/1962 "The Windy Story" (short), "Cave of Ali Baba", Gyro Gearloose "The Great Popup", "Deep Down Doings", "Cash-Cart", "Can't Take It with You", "Night Out", "Over Weight" (shorts) Dell
38 Jun-Aug/1962 "Monkey Business" (short), "The Unsafe Safe", Gyro Gearloose "Madcap Inventors", "Much Luck McDuck", "Seeing Is Believing" (short), "Plymates" (short) Dell
39 Sept-Nov/1962 "Getting The Bird" (short), "A Spicy Tale", Gyro Gearloose "Finny Fun", "Tricky Experiment", "Art Appreciation" (short), "Nest Egg Collector' (short) Dell
40 1/1963 "Good Old S.U." (short), "Oddball Odyssey", Gyro Gearloose "Posthasty Postman", "Kingpin For A Day", (short), "A Tip Or Two" (short) Gold Key
41 3/1963 Toll Bridge short, "The Status Seeker", Gyro Gearloose "Snow Duster", "Typhoon Tycoon", Rocket Digger short Gold Key
42 5/1963 "The Case Of The Sticky Money", Gyro Gearloose "Getting His Wires Crossed" , (short), "Wheeling And Dealing", (short) Gold Key
43 7/1963 "For old Dime's Sake", Gyro Gearloose "Something To Crow About", "Famous Figure" Gold Key
44 8/1963 "Crown of the Mayas", Gyro Gearloose "The Fizzle That Drizzled", "The Invisible Intruder" Gold Key
45 10/1963 "Isle Of Golden Geese", Gyro Gearloose "Day of Delayed Action", "The Travel Tightwad" Gold Key
46 12/1963 "Lost Beneath The Sea", Gyro Gearloose "A Helpers Helping Hand", "The Lemonade Fling" Gold Key
47 2/1964 "The Thrifty Spendthrift", Gyro Gearloose "Man Versus Machine", "A Cool Deal", (short), (short) Gold Key
48 3/1964 "The Many Faces Of Magica De Spell", Gyro Gearloose "Jonah Gyro", "The New Suit" Gold Key
49 5/1964 "Loony Lunar Gold Rush", Gyro Gearloose "Lost And Found", "A Case of Too Many Sea Monsters", (short) Gold Key
50 7/1964 "Rug Riders In The Sky", Gyro Gearloose "Once Upon A Time Machine", "Getting That Healthy,Wealthy Feeling" Gold Key
51 8/1964 "How Green was my Lettuce", Ludwig Von Drake "Pigeon Panic", "Let Donald Do It" Gold Key
52 9/1964 "The Great Wig Mystery", Gyro Gearloose "The Portable Pier", "Everybody's Got A Whistle" Gold Key
53 10/1964 "Interplanetary Postman", Gyro Gearloose "The Homemade Robot", "The Costly Cat" Gold Key
54 12/1964 "The Billion Dollar Safari", Gyro Gearloose "The Arty Smarty", "The Cookie Jar Caper", "Flowers Are Flowers" (short) Gold Key
55 2/1965 "McDuck of Arabia", Limousine short, Zoo short, Gyro Gearloose "Scientific Sleuth", Parrot short, Fight short Gold Key
56 3/1965 "Mystery Of The Ghost Town Railroad", Gyro Gearloose "Bubble Trouble", (short) Gold Key
57 5/1965 "The Swamp Of No Return", Money Bin short, Gyro Gearloose "Instant Camping", Sky-Hi short, Snake short Gold Key
58 7/1965 "The Giant Robot Robbers", Laundry short, Gyro Gearloose "Mind Over Mustard", "Ducking Out" Gold Key
59 9/1965 "North Of The Yukon", Gyro Gearloose "The Two Legged Mailbox", Gold Key
60 11/1965 "The Phantom of Notre Duck", Gyro Gearloose "The Drippy Diamonds", Uncle Scrooge Desert Outing short Gold Key
61 1/1966 "So Far And No Safari", short, Gyro Gearloose "The Runaway Walking Stick", short, short Gold Key
62 3/1966 short, "The Queen Of The Wild Dog Pack", short, short, Gyro Gearloose "The Rude Awakening", short Gold Key
63 5/1966 "House Of Haunts", Gyro Gearloose "The Evil Inventor" Gold Key
64 7/1966 "Treasure Of Marco Polo" Gold Key
68 3/1967 Antique short, "Hall of the Mermaid Queen", Gyro Gearloose "Hypno-Clock" Gold Key
69 3/1967 "The Cattle King", Gyro Gearloose "Flipping His Trap" Gold Key
70 7/1967 "Doom Diamond", Gyro Gearloose "Ye Old Hoppin' Chair" Gold Key
71 10/1967 "King Scrooge the First" (Carl Barks and Tony Strobl), "Outdoor Thinking" (Phil de Lara and Vic Lockman) Gold Key
72 12/1967 "The Great Steamboat Race", Gyro Gearloose "Metal-Meltin' Mob" Gold Key
73 2/1968 "Bongo On The Congo", "Sleepwalking Plot", "Many Bag Goat" Gold Key
74 4/1968 "Dragon's Amulet", Gyro Gearloose "Once Upon A Hammock" Gold Key
75 6/1968 "Battle Of Marathon", Daisy Duck & Dimwitty Duck "Fix It Fiasco", "On Guard" Gold Key
76 8/1968 "Bye, Bye Money Bin", Gyro Gearloose "The Hopeless Helper", "The Luck Tycoon" Gold Key
77 10/1968 "The Jillion Dollar Diamond", Gyro Gearloose "Lucky In The Lab", "The Telltale Hand" Gold Key
78 12/1968 "I.O.U... But Who?", Gyro Gearloose "The Sculptinker", "The Fickle Fortune-Finder" Gold Key
79 2/1969 "The Strange Case Of The Watched duck", Gyro Gearloose "The Instant Raincoat", "The Sultan's Hourglass" Gold Key
80 4/1969 "Rikki Tikki Uprising", Gyro Gearloose "Sandwich Automation", "The Banjo Canyon Cache" Gold Key
81 6/1969 "Moon-Struck", Gyro Gearloose "New Planet Planner", "Armored Tightwad" Gold Key
82 8/1969 "Mythtic Mystery", Gyro Gearloose "Operation Implosion", "The Bad Bargain" Gold Key
83 10/1969 "The Monster And The Money Tree", Gyro Gearloose "Roving Rug", "The Hunka-Junka" Gold Key
84 12/1969 "The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan!", Gyro Gearloose "The Golden Apples" Gold Key
85 2/1970 "The Great Wig Mystery", Gyro Gearloose "Trouble To Spare" Gold Key
86 4/1970 "The Golden Nugget Boat", Gyro Gearloose "Tubby Hero" Gold Key
87 7/1970 "The Flying Dutchman", Gyro Gearloose "The-Upsy-Daisy-Pack" Gold Key
88 8/1970 "The Unsafe Safe", Gyro Gearloose "Capnapper's Surprise" Gold Key
89 10/1970 "The Second Richest Duck", Gyro Gearloose "Invented Vacation" Gold Key
90 12/1970 "Cave Of Ali Baba", Gyro Gearloose "Brain Waves", "Gift Lion" Gold Key
91 2/1971 "Riches, Riches Everywhere!", Gyro Gearloose "Krankenstein Gyro", "The Waste Saver" Gold Key
92 4/1971 "The Magic Ink" (reprint), "Two Way Luck" (reprint), Gyro Gearloose "That Small Feeling", "Tattletale Dime" Gold Key
93 6/1971 "The Midas Touch", Gyro Gearloose "Wily Rival", "Poolside Party" Gold Key
94 8/1971 "Interplanetary Postman", Gyro Gearloose "Fast Away Castaway", "Hobo Holiday" Gold Key
95 10/1971 "How Green Was My Lettuce", "Stranger In Black", Gyro Gearloose "War Paint" Gold Key
96 12/1971 "The Thrifty Spendthrift", Gyro Gearloose "Rain, Rain, Go Away" Gold Key
97 2/1972 "That's No Fable!", Gyro Gearloose "The Burglar Bagger", "A Thrifty Gift" Gold Key
98 4/1972 "The Status Seeker", Gyro Gearloose "The Super Swatter" Gold Key
99 6/1972 "The Case Of The Sticky Money", Mickey Mouse " The Imaginary Trip" Gold Key
100 8/1972 "Pipeline To Danger", Gyro Gearloose "The Cantankerous Mailbox", "The Nightwatchers" Gold Key
101 9/1972 "Wispy Willie", Gyro Gearloose "The Clean-Up Crew", "Old Demon Tooth" Gold Key
102 11/1972 "A Spicy Tale", "Getting The Bird", Gyro Gearloose "The Bird Call", "Nest Egg Collector" Gold Key
103 ?/1972 "Back To Long Ago", Gyro Gearloose "The Hijacked Mail" Gold Key
104 ?/1973 "The Lemming With The Locket" Gold Key
113 8/1974 "Crown of the Mayas", Gyro Gearloose Cyclone short
143 ?/1977 "Island In The Sky" (Carl Barks reprint), Uncle Scrooge unnamed story (Ghosts of Pizen Bluff), Daisy and Donald unnamed short, Uncle Scrooge unnamed short
154 7/1978 "Interplanetary Postman", "Fast Away Castaway" (Gyro Gearloose), "Hobo Holiday"
156 9/1978 "The Unsafe Safe", "Something Fishy Here"
158 11/1978 "The Jillion-Dollar Diamond", "Lucky In The Lab", "The Tell-Tale Hand"
160 1/1979 "The Second-Richest Duck", "Invented Vacation"
161 2/1979 "The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan", Gyro Gearloose untitled short
163 4/1979 "Rikki Tikki Uprising", "Sandwich Automation", "The Banjo Canyon Cache"
164 5/1979 "The Monster And The Money Tree", "Roving Rug", "The Hunka Junka"
168 9/1979 "The Strange Case Of The Watched Duck", "The Instant Raincoat", "The Sultan's Hourglass"
169 10/1979 "The Battle Of Marathon", "The Fix-It-Fiasco", "On Guard"
171 12/1979 "Riches, Riches, Everywhere", "Krankenstein Gyro", "The Waste Saver"
172 1/1980 "The Magic Ink" (Carl Barks), "The Round Money Bin" (Carl Barks), "The Bad Bargain" (Kay Wright and Vic Lockman)
179 9/1980 "The Lemming with the Locket" (Carl Barks), "Wishful Excess" (Carl Barks), "Sidewalk of the Mind" (Carl Barks) Very rare; fewer than 200 copies thought to exist
180 11/1980 "Antique Antics", "The Cash Register Mystery", "The New Buck-Mobile"
185 6/1981 "The Giant Robot Robbers", "Ducking Out"
195 3/1982 "Only A Poor Old Man" (reprint)
197 5/1982 "Playing It Safe", "The Royal Tour", "The Rare Stamp"
198 6/1982 "The Mini-Bin Vacation", "The Wreck of the Merry Lark", "The Collectibles", "The Educated Cane"
199 7/1982 "Jillions in Jeopardy", "Return of the Bin-Buster", "Payday Blues", "The Educated Cane"
204 12/1982 "The Magnetic Curse", "The Fragrant Vagrant", "The Double Diamond", "The Rare Stamp"first story with personal computer
210 10/1986 "The Robot Raiders of Magica DeSpell" (Angus, Branca, Blum, Clark, McCormick), "The Terror of the Beagle Boys" (Carl Barks), Beagle Boys short, Uncle Scrooge short (Carl Barks)
211 11/1986 "The Prize of Pizarro" (Carl Barks), "Minute Waltz in a Minor Key" (Gutenberghus Group), "His Handy Andy" (Carl Barks)
212 12/1986 "The Sunken Chest" (Gutenberghus Group), "Coffee Cup Capers" (Carl Barks), "A Relative Solution" (Gutenberghus Group), untitled Uncle Scrooge story (Carl Barks), "One More Cup of Coffee Before We Go" (Carl Barks)
213 1/1987 "City of Golden Roofs" (Carl Barks), untitled Uncle Scrooge short (Carl Barks)
214 2/1987 "A Sticky Situation" (Gutenberghus Group), "The Tuckered Tiger" (Carl Barks), Uncle Scrooge short, "An Alarming Development", Uncle Scrooge short
215 3/1987 "A Cold Bargain" (Carl Barks), two untitled Uncle Scrooge gags (Carl Barks)
216 4/1987 "Go Slowly Sands of Time" (Carl Barks, Gutenberghus Group), "The Trouble with Doubles" (Gutenberghus Group), untitled Uncle Scrooge story (Carl Barks)
217 5/1987 "The Seven Cities of Cibola" (Carl Barks)
218 6/1987 "Foul Play" (Verhagen, Erickson, Spicer, Feduniewicz), "Robbin' the Rails" (Gutenberghus Group), "Flour Follies" (Carl Barks)
219 7/1987 "The Son of the Sun" (Don Rosa), "Portrait of the Artist as a Duck Man", short article
220 8/1987 "Nobody's Business" (Don Rosa), 2 Uncle Scrooge gags (Barks/Novak, Barks/Daigle), "An Honest Mistake" (Gutenberghus Group), "Kakimaw Country" (Carl Barks)
221 9/1987 "Green Attack" (Gutenberghus Group), Uncle Scrooge untitled squirrel short, Uncle Scrooge untitled quiz show short
222 10/1987 "Message from Mysterious Island" (Carl Barks)
223 11/1987 "Ten-Cent Tussle" (Gutenberghus Group), "Gift Horse Gambit" (Gutenberghus Group), "Fun? What's That?" (Carl Barks)
224 12/1987 "Cash Flow" (Don Rosa), two Uncle Scrooge gags (Barks/Daigle)
226 5/1988 "Statuesque Spendthrifts" (Carl Barks), "The Paper Chase" (Leach, Rosa, Clark), "Perilous Portrait" (Gutenberghus Group), "A Prickly Relation" (Van Horn), "Duck Out of Luck" (Gutenberghus Group)
228 8/1988 "Chugwagon Derby" (Barks), Beagle Boys "The Pigeon Plot", "The Generosity Ray", Donald Duck short
229 9/1988 "Double Struck Duck" (Gutenberghus Group), "A Tilling Tale" (Oberon Group), "Clothes Make the Duck" (Barks), "The Homey Touch" (Barks), "Large Deduction" (Van Horn), "Dollars to Doubles" (Gutenberghus Group)
230 10/1988 "Hare Despair" (Gutenberghus Group), "His Money's Worth" (Van Horn), "Heirloom Watch" (Carl Barks), "Break-In Breakdown" (Gutenberghus Group)
234 6/1989 Unnamed Uncle Scrooge (I Can Do Anything With Money), "The Buck Stickes Here", unnamed short, unnamed short, "Mightier Than The Sword"
235 7/1989 "The Curse Of Nostrildamus", "Irreplaceable You", Uncle Scrooge short, "Itching To Know"
238 10/1989 "Ducking the Press" (Netherlands), "A Witch in Crime" (Denmark), "Trouble Indemnity" (Carl Barks)
244 7/1990 "The Adventurers Club Award" (Avenell, Vicar, Foster, Clark, Daigle-Leach), "The Toothless Tiger Auction" (Anderson, Vicar, Foster, Clark, Daigle-Leach)
272 11/1992 "Canute the Brute's Battle Axe" (Anderson, Gabner, Vicar, Davidson, Daigle-Leach), "Fare Delay" short (Barks, Daigle-Leach), "Charity Donation" short (Barks, Daigle-Leach)
276 3/1993 "The Island at the Edge of Time" (Don Rosa), "Skywriting for Scrooge" (Carl Barks)
277 4/1993 "The Great Steamboat Race", "Immovable Miser", "Much Luck McDuck" (all Carl Barks)
278 5/1993 "North of the Yukon" (Carl Barks)
279 6/1993 "Back to Long Ago!", "Moola on the Move", "Long Distance Collision", "Classy Taxi" (all Carl Barks)
292 6/1995 "King of the Klondike", two Donald Duck untitled shorts, untitled Uncle Scrooge short
300 10/1996 "The Sunken Yacht" (Barks), "Coin of the Realm", "Go Slowly, Sands of Time", "Nobody's Business"The raising of "The Sunken Yacht" using ping pong balls was confirmed as plausible by the Mythbusters in 2004.
302 2/1997 "Monkey Business" (Barks), "Barrel Bargains" (Gorm Transgaard and Torres), "The Telltale Hand" (Tony Strobl), "Beagle Boys meet Abner the Actor" (Tony Strobl), "Too Bee or Not to Bee" (Torres and Per Diemer)
357 9/2006 "Return to Xanadu" (Don Rosa), "Comet Get It!" (Kari Korhonen and Tino Santanach), "Dr. Invento" (Janet Gilbert and Marsal Bresco), "Through a Lens Darkly" (Frank Jonker and Bas Heymans)


Carl Bark's Greatest Ducktales Stories (Printed in the order of adaptation into Ducktales Episodes.
Volume 1 Four Color #456
Uncle Scrooge #13, 65, 9, 14 & 29
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The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library.
Volume 1 (Volume 12 overall) "Only A Poor Old Man" Four Color #386, 456, 495
Uncle Scrooge #4-6
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