Umeå Open

Umeå Open
Genre Pop, Rock
Dates 7-9 April
Location(s) Umeå
Inaugurated 1998

Umeå Open is an annual music festival taking place in Umeå, Västerbotten, Sweden at the end of March. It is arranged by the local culture organization Kulturföreningen Humlan. Bands and artists from Europe, America and Asia perform alongside acts from Sweden and local acts in the Umeå Folkets Hus venue in the center of Umeå. Other venues where Umeå Open takes place are: Hamnmagasinet, Tegskyrkan, Verket and Guitars - The Museum.

Along with music, Umeå Open has a conference and a host of related events. Born from the popularity of the 1997 PopStad award to Umeå by Swedish radio, the festival has been held since 1998 and is regularly sold out in advance.

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