UCL Centre for Digital Humanities

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UCL Centre for Digital Humanities
Established 2010
Director Melissa Terras
Location London, United Kingdom

UCL Centre for Digital Humanities Department of Information Studies University College London Gower Street

London WC1E 6BT
Website UCL Centre for Digital Humanities

The UCL Centre for Digital Humanities is a research centre within the Department of Information Studies of University College London. It brings together digital humanities work being done in many of the university's different departments and centres, including the library services, museums and collections.[1] The Centre counts among the "most visible"[2] in the field and offers a Masters programme in Digital Humanities.[1][2]


The Centre was opened on 1 February 2010, with a launch party on 20 May.[3][4][5] At the launch party the inaugural Centre for Digital Humanities Lecture was given by James Murdoch, the EMEA Chief Executive Officer of News Corporation.[5][6][7] The speech attracted considerable media coverage due to its criticism of the British Library's plans to digitise its national newspaper collection.[5][6][7]

The Centre was introduced to the Digital Humanities community at large by Melissa Terras in her keynote address at the Digital Humanities conference in London on July 10.[8][9]

The Centre hosts the annual Susan Hockey lecture, which was inaugurated in May 2015.[10]


A number of research projects at UCL are associated with UCLDH:[11]

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