UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships

The UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships are the world championships for cyclo-cross organised by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). Since 2016, five events are organized each year - men's elite, women's elite, men's under 23, women's under 23 and men's under 18 (Juniors). Traditionally, the elite events are held on a Sunday with the other events held on the Saturday the day before.

The UCI awards a gold medal and a rainbow jersey to the winner. Silver and bronze medals are awarded to the second and third place contestants. World champions wear their rainbow jersey until the following year's championship, but they may wear it only in the type of event in which they won it.


Stamp of the event in 1955 (Saarland)

First held in 1950[1] it replaced the Critérium International de Cyclo-cross (French for International Cyclo-cross Criterium) which, as the first international cyclo-cross race, was considered the unofficial world championship. It has since been held annually and is traditionally disputed at the end of January or the beginning of February. At first there was only the event for elite men. Events for junior and under 23 men were added in 1979 and 1996 respectively; women's events were added for the elites and under 23s in 2000 and 2016 respectively. Beyond these, there also was an event for amateurs from 1967 till 1993.[2]

Cyclo-cross being mostly centred in Europe has made it take quite a while for the world championships to be held in another continent. This finally changed with the 2013 edition which took place in Louisville, Kentucky, United States.

Current champions (as of 2016)

Event Rider Country
Men's elite Wout Van Aert Belgium
Women's elite Thalita de Jong Netherlands
Men's under 23 Eli Iserbyt Belgium
Women's under 23 Evie Richards Great Britain
Men's juniors Jens Dekker Netherlands


Year Country City
1950  France Paris
1951  Luxembourg Luxembourg
1952   Switzerland Geneva
1953  Spain Quato
1954  Italy Crenna
1955 Saar Saarbrücken
1956  Luxembourg Luxembourg
1957  Belgium Edelare
1958  France Limoges
1959   Switzerland Geneva
1960  Spain Tolosa
1961  West Germany Hanover
1962  Luxembourg Esch-sur-Alzette
1963  France Calais
1964  Belgium Overboelare
1965  Italy Cavaria
1966  Spain Beasain
1967   Switzerland Zürich
1968  Luxembourg Luxembourg
1969  West Germany Magstadt
1970  Belgium Zolder
1971  Netherlands Apeldoorn
1972  Czechoslovakia Prague


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