Twin Peaks (2017 TV series)

Twin Peaks
Genre Drama
Created by Mark Frost
David Lynch
Written by Mark Frost
David Lynch
Directed by David Lynch
Starring Kyle MacLachlan
Composer(s) Angelo Badalamenti
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Mark Frost
David Lynch
Production company(s) Lynch/Frost Productions
Distributor Showtime Networks
Original network Showtime
Original release 2017 (2017)
Preceded by Twin Peaks (1990–1991)
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992 film)
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Twin Peaks is an upcoming American television series created by Mark Frost and David Lynch and a continuation of the original series Twin Peaks, which aired on ABC from 1990 to 1991.

In October 2014, it was announced that Twin Peaks would return as a miniseries on Showtime in 2016, which was later delayed to 2017.[1][2] The series is written by Lynch and Frost[1] and directed by Lynch.[3][4] Many original cast members, including Kyle MacLachlan as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, will return.[5]



On October 6, 2014, it was announced that a miniseries would air on Showtime. David Lynch and Mark Frost wrote all nine episodes. Frost emphasized that the new episodes are not a remake or reboot but a continuation of the series. The episodes are set in the present day, and the passage of 25 years is an important element in the plot. Regarding whether the miniseries will continue into an ongoing series, Frost said, "The proof will be in the pudding. If we have a great time doing it and everybody loves it and they decide there's room for more, I could see it going that way."[1]

In March 2015, Lynch expressed doubts for the production due to "complications". However, Showtime confirmed the series was moving forward, stating, "Nothing is going on that's any more than any preproduction process with David Lynch. Everything is moving forward and everybody is crazy thrilled and excited."[6] In April 2015, Lynch stated he was not returning to direct the nine episodes due to budget constraints.[7] However, Lynch and Showtime were able to come to an agreement, with Lynch confirming on May 15, 2015, that he would return to direct, and that there would be more episodes than the originally announced nine.[3] At a Twin Peaks panel in Seattle, cast members Sherilyn Fenn and Sheryl Lee said that the new series would consist of 18 episodes and Angelo Badalamenti would return as composer.[4]


On January 12, 2015, Kyle MacLachlan was confirmed as returning to the series.[5] In October 2015, it was confirmed that Michael Ontkean, who portrays Sheriff Harry S. Truman, would not return for the revival, because Ontkean is retired from acting. It is reported that Robert Forster will play the role of town sheriff.[8] Also in October, David Duchovny teased his return as DEA Agent Denise Bryson.[9] In November 2015, it was reported that Miguel Ferrer would reprise his role as Albert Rosenfield, and that Richard Beymer and David Patrick Kelly would reprise their roles as Benjamin Horne and Jerry Horne, respectively.[10] In December 2015, Alicia Witt confirmed she would reprise her role as Gersten Hayward.[11] The series' first teaser trailer released in December 2015 confirmed the involvement of Michael Horse (Tommy "Hawk" Hill).[12] In January 2016, it was reported that Sherilyn Fenn would reprise her role as Audrey Horne in a "major presence."[13] In February 2016, it was reported that David Lynch would reprise his role as Gordon Cole.[14] Frequent Lynch collaborator Laura Dern was cast in a "top-secret pivotal role".[15]

Russ Tamblyn underwent open heart surgery in late 2014 and was still recovering as of 2015. Lynch and Frost were still hoping Tamblyn would join the cast for the new season.[16] On September 28, 2015, Catherine E. Coulson, who was planned to reprise her role of the Log Lady in the new series,[17] died of cancer.[18] Both Tamblyn and Coulson were later confirmed to be part of the cast, as Coulson had been filmed in a few scenes before her death.[19] David Bowie was intended to make a cameo appearance as FBI Agent Phillip Jeffries, his character from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, but the musician's death from cancer in January 2016 prevented this.[20]

It was reported that Peter Sarsgaard had been cast;[21] however, he later revealed that "I'm not doing Twin Peaks" and it "was a rumor that was not founded on nothing."[22]

From the surviving original cast, notable actors not to return include Piper Laurie (Catherine Martell), Lara Flynn Boyle (Donna Hayward), Michael J. Anderson (The Man from Another Place), Joan Chen (Josie Packard), Michael Ontkean (Sheriff Harry S. Truman), Eric Da Re (Leo Johnson), and Heather Graham (Annie Blackburn).[19]


In July 2015, Frost suggested that the series would premiere in 2017 as opposed to 2016, its original planned air date.[23] The series began filming in September 2015, and Showtime president David Nevins said that regarding the premiere date, "I'm hoping we make 2016. It's not clear. It's ultimately going to be in [series co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost's] control."[24] Nevins also stated, "I don't know [how many episodes there will be]. They're going to decide, I expect it to be more than nine, but it's open-ended. I know what the shooting schedule is and then we'll have him cut into it however many episodes it feels best at."[25] In January 2016, Nevins confirmed that the series would premiere in the first half of 2017.[26] The series was shot continuously from a single, long shooting script, before being split into multiple episodes in editing. As such, the number of episodes will not be clear until editing is finished. In January 2016, it was reported that filming was more than halfway through the shooting schedule.[27] Filming was completed by April 2016.[19]


On April 25, 2016, the entire cast was revealed, including 217 actors.[19]

Returning cast

New cast


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