Clinical data
Routes of
ATC code none
Legal status
Legal status
  • Never marketed
Synonyms 1-(4-methyl-3-oxo-4-aza-5-alpha-androstane-17-beta-carbonyl)-1,3- diisopropylurea
CAS Number 137099-09-3
PubChem (CID) 65986
ChemSpider 59380
Chemical and physical data
Formula C27H45N3O3
Molar mass 459.66 g/mol
3D model (Jmol) Interactive image

Turosteride (FCE-26,073) is a selective inhibitor of the enzyme 5α-reductase which was under investigation by GlaxoSmithKline for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), but was never marketed.[1][2][3] Similarly to finasteride, turosteride is selective for the type II isoform of 5α-redcutase, with about 15-fold selectivity for it over type I isoform of the enzyme.[4][5] In animal studies it has been shown to inhibit prostate size and retard tumor growth.[2][3][6][7] It may also be useful for the treatment of acne and hair loss.[8][9][10]

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