Turbomeca Makila

Cutaway view of a Turbomeca Makila
Type Turboshaft
National origin France
Manufacturer Turbomeca/SAFRAN
First run 1976
Major applications Aérospatiale Super Puma
Denel Rooivalk
Number built 2,200

The Turbomeca Makila is a family of French turboshaft engines for helicopter use, first run in 1976 and flown in 1977.[1]

Typical power output is around 1,300 kW (1,700 hp).[2] As of 2012, some 2,200 had been built.[2]



Makila 1A
Makila 1A1
Makila 1A2
Makila 1A4
Makila 2A
Makila 2A1
Makila 2B

Specifications (Makila 2A)

Data from Turbomeca.[3]

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