Tun Muhammad of Pahang

Tun Muhammad
تون محمد
Raja Bendahara of Pahang
Reign 18021803
Predecessor Tun Abdul Majid
Successor Tun Koris
Died 1803
At sea near Tioman Island
House Bendahara
Father Tun Abdul Majid
Religion Sunni Islam

Sri Paduka Tun Muhammad bin Dato' Bendahara Paduka Raja Tun 'Abdu'l Majid, Dato' Bendahara Sri Maharaja, was the 20th Bendahara of Johor Empire and also the second Raja Bendahara of Pahang who reigned from 1802 to 1803.[1][2]

He is the second son of Bendahara Tun Abdul Majid, who succeeded on the death of his father in 1802.[3]

During the reign of his father, Tun Muhammad settled at Chenor. When the news of the murder of his brother, Tun Abdul Mutalib, reached him, Tun Muhammad hurried to Pekan with his troops. At Pekan, he found that the murderer, Temenggong Abdul Jamal had left for Riau. In spite of his father's attempt to restrain him, he followed the Temenggong. On his arrival at Riau, he found that the demented Abdul Jamal was dead.[4]

Tun Muhammad decided to settle at Riau, and when his father died in 1802, the Sultan installed him as the next Bendahara. The new minister then set sail for Pahang in 1803. While he was crossing from Tioman Island to Endau, his boat was wrecked in a storm and he, and one of his wives trapped in a cabin and perished. He was known posthumously as Marhum Mangkat di Laut ('the late chief who died at sea') after his death,[5] having had issue a son and a daughter.[6]



Tun Muhammad of Pahang
Bendahara Dynasty
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Tun Abdul Majid
Raja Bendahara of Pahang
Succeeded by
Tun Koris

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