Tun Koris of Pahang

Tun Koris
تون قارس
Raja Bendahara of Pahang
Reign 18031806
Predecessor Tun Muhammad of Pahang
Successor Tun Ali
Died March 11th, 1806
Burial Royal Cemetery, Kuala Pahang
House Bendahara
Father Tun Abdul Majid
Religion Sunni Islam

Sri Paduka Tun Koris bin Dato’ Bendahara Paduka Raja Tun ‘Abdu’l Majid, also known as Dato’ Bendahara Paduka Raja of Endau, was the 21st Bendahara of Johor Empire and the third Raja Bendahara of Pahang who reigned from 1803 to 1806.[1][2]


Tun Koris is the third son of the 19th Bendahara of Johor Tun Abdul Majid who succeeded on the death of his elder brother, Tun Muhammad who was drowned at sea off the coast of Endau.[3]

Tun Muhammad's ship-mates, to the number of 40, who escaped with their lives from the ship-wreck, only to meet a worst fate. When they arrived at Pekan, all but two of them were slaughtered by Tun Koris, because they had not died with their prince. They were stabbed to death with a long kris. Koris's treatment of the ship-wrecked survivors earned him a well-merited reputation of cruelty.[4]

The new Bendahara had been reared at Endau by his Bugis mother and made Tuan Jambul his chief minister. His rule however, was short. He died in 1806[5] leaving behind two sons and a daughter. He was succeeded by his son, Tun Ali.[6][7]



Tun Koris of Pahang
Bendahara Dynasty
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Tun Muhammad
Raja Bendahara of Pahang
Succeeded by
Tun Ali

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