Tsat Tsz Mui

Tsat Tsz Mui (Chinese: 七姊妹; literally: "seven sisters") is an area, formerly a village, in eastern North Point, in Hong Kong. It is centred on Tsat Tsz Mui Road.


Tsat Tsz Mui in Cantonese means "seven sisters". There was a tragedy story about them. Once upon a time, there lived a village of Hakka people. Seven girl playmates pledged to be sisters in their lifetime, die on the same day and never get married. One day, the third sisters' parents decided to make her marry a man. She did not want to but dared not say a word against her parents. The day before the wedding, all seven sisters committed suicide at the sea shore. The next day, at the bay appeared seven rocks.[1] The villages believed that they must be the seven sisters. The rocks were then named Tsat Tsz Mui Shek (七姊妹石), Seven Sister Rocks, and the village Tsat Tsz Mui Tsuen (七姊妹村), Seven Sister Village.

In 1934, the rocks were buried under the reclamation for urban development.


Tsat Tsz Mui Village existed for hundreds of years. According to the census in 1849, Tsat Tsz Mui Tsuen had over two hundred inhabitants and over one hundred houses. It was also a popular swimming spot.

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