Truth Coming Out of Her Well

Truth coming out of her well
Artist Jean-Léon Gérôme
Year 1896
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 91 cm × 72 cm (36 in × 28 in)
Location Musée Anne de Beaujeu, Moulins, Allier

Truth coming from the well armed with her whip to chastise mankind (French title: La Vérité sortant du puits armée de son martinet pour châtier l'humanité) is an 1896 painting by the French artist Jean-Léon Gérôme. It was originally known simply as La Vérité.

The subject has been interpreted as a comment to the Dreyfus affair. In 1895, Gérôme had presented a painting where "the nurturer of truth" lies slaughtered at the bottom of a well. When new evidence emerged pointing toward Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy as the real culprit of the crime Dreyfus had been imprisoned for, Gérôme painted Truth Coming Out of Her Well.[1] The nudity of the model refers to the expression 'the naked truth'.[2]

The painting was exhibited at the Salon in 1896.[3] It is part of the permanent exhibition at the Musée Anne de Beaujeu in Moulins, France.[4]


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