Trucks! is an American television program that airs weekends as a part of Spike TV's Powerblock. It is hosted by Kevin Neils Tetz and Ryan Shand. The program focuses on automotive mechanics involving trucks and SUVs, ranging from improvement, to customizing, to creative works.

The show is involved with racing and/or customizing trucks, and in the past has included segments called "How It Works" where the host would visit with various technical instructors at Wyotech to discuss automotive related topics such as how a particular mechanical device operated or to review the specialized equipment it takes to diagnose or repair a vehicle.

The show was originally hosted by Stacey David and Mel Fair, who was also the program's director, writer, and producer. Fair left the show at the end of the first season to pursue an acting career leaving David as the show's only host. In 2005, David left the show to pursue another automotive show concept entitled "Stacey David's GearZ" which debuted on ESPN2 in March 2007.

After David's departure, Paul Vinson and Kevin Tetz took over as co-hosts for the 2006 season, although Vinson was rarely seen during the latter part of the season while Tetz began sharing the camera with Ryan Shand. Shand officially replaced Vinson as co-host beginning with the 2007 season, although no official statement or press release provided any explanation behind the change. Some online reports however have stated that Vinson may have been suffering from kidney failure and awaiting a transplant during the shows filming.

Partial listing of vehicles modified on the show

Episodes List

Episode Title Air Date
2008-01MuscleTrux Part 1August 6, 2008
2008–02MuscleTrux Part 2: 1990 Chevrolet 454 SSJune 15, 2008
2008–03MuscleTrux Part 3: 1994 Ford LightningJune 22, 2008
2008–04Cheep Cherokee Part 1June 7, 2008
2008–05Project HRT Part 4April 20, 2008
2008–06Daily Driver C-10 Part 3July 13, 2008
2008–07Cheep Cherokee Part 2July 20, 2008
2008–08Project HRT Part 5July 27, 2008
2008–09Cheep Cherokee Part 3March 8, 2008
2008–10Haulin' S-10: Part 7October 8, 2008
2008–11Cheep Cherokee Part 4August 17, 2008
2008–12MuscleTrux Part 4August 24, 2008
2008–13MuscleTrux Part 5August 31, 2008
2008–145 Grand Cherokee Part 1July 9, 2008
2008–15MuscleTrux Part 6September 14, 2008
2008–165 Grand Cherokee Part 2September 20, 2008
2008–17Project Crash 'em up TruckSeptember 27, 2008
2008–185 Grand Cherokee Part 3May 10, 2008
2008–19MuscleTrux Part 7November 10, 2008
2008–20Tall TundraOctober 18, 2008
2008–21Daily Driver C-10 Part 4October 25, 2008
2008–22Liquid Propane ConversionJanuary 11, 2008
2008–23HRT & Ron Covell Metal Shaping LessonAugust 11, 2008
2009–01Second Chance Silverado Part 1March 21, 2009
2009–02Cheep Cherokee Part 5March 28, 2009
2009–03Second Chance Silverado Part 2April 4, 2009
2009–04Second Chance Silverado Part 3November 4, 2009
2009–05ClasSix Part 1April 18, 2009
2009–06Super Dually Part 1April 25, 2009
2009–07Cheep Cherokee Part 6February 5, 2009
2009–08Second Chance Silverado Part 4September 5, 2009
2009–09Daily Driver C-10 Part 5May 16, 2009
2009–10Super Dually Part 2August 23, 2009
2009–11Daily Driver C-10 Part 6September 8, 2009
2009–12Super Dually Part 3January 11, 2009
2009–13Cheep Cherokee Part 7November 15, 2009
2009–14Daily Driver C-10 Part 7December 27, 2009
2009–15ClasSix Part 2March 1, 2010
2009–16ClasSix Part 3October 1, 2010
2009–17Daily Driver C-10 Part 8January 24, 2010
2009–18Super Dually Part 4November 22, 2009
2009–19Cheep Cherokee Part 8January 17, 2010

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