Tropical Sno

Tropical Sno is a global chain of shops that serve shave ice. It was founded in April 1984 in Provo, Utah and now based in Draper, Utah.[1]


Tropical Sno has dealers located throughout the United States and in over thirty foreign countries around the world.[2][3] Tropical Sno has been cited as an example of microfranchising.[4][5] Tropical Sno now has its dealers located in every state and in over thirty countries worldwide. Tropical Sno is a retail brand derived from Pioneer Family Brands, Inc.[6]


Tropical Sno has various "Real-to-Life" flavors that they are known for. It is common for customers to make "concoctions" and mixtures of the flavors. Tropical Sno also gives possible renderings of flavors in certain combinations with titles to them for the customers who are indecisive about their mixing decisions (Strawberry + Banana = Bananaberry, or Mango + Tangerine = Tangerango). Tropical Sno has acquired and sells the following flavors:


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