Tropic Appetites

Tropic Appetites
Studio album by Carla Bley
Released 1974
Recorded 1973-74
Genre Post-Bop, Jazz
Label WATT/ECM Watt 1
Producer Michael Mantler
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Escalator over the Hill
Tropic Appetites
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Tropic Appetites is a jazz album by Carla Bley released in 1974, following her debut Escalator over the Hill. The lyrics are contributed by Bley's friend Paul Haines, based on his journeys to Southeast Asia in the preceding years. Unlike on the orchestral Escalator, the band is an octet, with Julie Tippetts as lead vocalist.[1][3]

Track listing

  1. "What Will Be Left Between Us and the Moon Tonight?" − 11:06
  2. "In India" − 1:11
  3. "Enormous Tots" − 6:06
  4. "Caucasian Bird Riffles" − 5:10
  5. "Funnybird Song" − 1:19
  6. "Indonesian Dock Sucking Supreme" − 8:56
  7. "Song of the Jungle Stream" − 10:15
  8. "Nothing" − 3:35



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