Trombidium holosericeum
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Arachnida
Subclass: Acari
Superorder: Acariformes
Order: Trombidiformes

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The Trombidiformes are a large, diverse order of mites.


In 1998, Trombidiformes was divided into the Sphaerolichida and the Prostigmata.[1] The group has few synapomorphies by which it can be defined, unlike the other major group of acariform mites, Sarcoptiformes.[1] Its members include medically important mites (such as Demodex, the chiggers, and scrub-itch mites) and many agriculturally important species, including the spider mites (Tetranychidae) and gall mites (Eriophyidae).[1]

The 2004 classification retained the two suborders, comprising around 125 families and more than 22,000 described species.[2]

In the 2011 revised classification, the order now contains 151 families, 2235 genera and 25,821 species, and there were another 10 species with 24 species that present only as fossils.[3] These 151 families were classified into the same two major suborders[3]

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