Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago

Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago

In 2003, the Toyota Technological Institute of Nagoya, Japan opened the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTIC), jointly with the University of Chicago. The stated purpose of the institute is to impact research and education in computer science.

The Institute is philanthropically endowed, dedicated to basic research and graduate education in computer science. Its mission is to achieve international impact through world-class research and education in fundamental computer science and information technology. The Institute is distinctive to the American educational scene in its unique combination of graduate education and endowed research.

It has degree-granting authority in the State of Illinois and has been awarded accreditation from The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

TTIC offers a graduate program leading to a doctorate in computer science, and is currently focusing primarily on theoretical computer science (algorithms and complexity), machine learning (and related AI applications), programming languages (and related areas such as formal verification and security) and scientific computing (including numerical analysis, numerical optimization, and signal processing).

The faculty and students of TTIC often collaborate with the computer science department of the University of Chicago. Moreover, classes in computer science are taught by members from both faculties, and students from TTIC and the University of Chicago have access to the same set of CS classes and university resources.

TTIC is located in Hyde Park on the University of Chicago campus.

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